Summer Dance Festivals 2005

PTV's guide to the year's outdoor house, techno and hip-hop happenings across the Czech Republic.

More events will be added over the coming weeks.


June 24th, 2005

Břidličná, Northern Moravia


PHYX, Evolution Dejavu, Bongo, Mabeat, Kwieg, Psyrix, Prenatal, MP, Searcher, Jolah, Martyzan & Jahodový, Komponent, Aiko, Kuburo, Casper, Hero & Yara, Luki, Genetix sound system, Garnie:C & Talage


200 CZK

Carl Cox presents The Festival

July 1st, 2005

Roudnice nad Labem, Northern Bohemia


Carl Cox, DJ Lucca, Elektrabel, Daho + Ginger, DJ Felipe, Roger Watson aka DJ Hal, Trevor Rockliffe, Christian Smith, Michel de Hey


Until May 31st: 490 CZK

June 1st-June 30th: 590 CZK

On The Gate: 690 CZK


July 16th, 2005

Svojšice, Central Bohemia


Surgeon, Go Hiyama, Paul Bailey, Per Mikael, Inigo Kennedy, Toky, Boss, Justin Robertson and more


In Advance: 390 CZK

On The Gate (Before 10pm): 450 CZK

On The Gate (After 10pm): 500 CZK

Cosmic Trip

July 22nd-23rd, 2005

Teplice, Northern Bohemia


Luke Slater, James Ruskin, Oliver Ho, Jack de Marseille and more


Until June 30th

One-Day Ticket: 349 CZK (plus booking fee)

Two-Day Ticket: 549 CZK (plus booking fee)

July 1st-July 23rd

One-Day Ticket: 399 CZK (plus booking fee)

Two-Day Ticket: 599 CZK (plus booking fee)

On The Gate

One-Day Ticket: 549 CZK (plus booking fee)

Two-Day Ticket: 799 CZK (plus booking fee)

Hradhouse 2005

August 13th, 2005

Boskovice, Southern Moravia


Cristian Varela, Lucca, Chris Cowie, Felipe, Davide Squillace, Chris Zander, Kaisersoze, Spyro, BB Mike, Kita, Corvin Dalek, Diana D'Rouz, Chriss, Rai, Chris Sadler, Hydrophonic, Michael C, Petr Holman, Martin Gredner, Lumiere, Javas, Waxvax, K-Size and more


Until June 30th: 320 CZK (plus booking fee)

July 1st-August 6th: 390 CZK (plus booking fee)

On The Gate: 460 CZK (plus booking fee)

Hip Hop Kemp

Hip Hop Kemp

August 19th-21st, 2005

Hradec Králové, Eastern Bohemia


Non Phixion, Masta Ace, Skinnyman, DJ Vadim presents One Self, Foreign Beggars, 45 Scientific, Dendemann & DJ Mirko Machine, Static & Nat Ill, Lordz Of Fitness, Zombi Squad, Mod The Black Marvel, Waxolutionists, Kamp, Ruckgrat, Die Antwort, Kayo & Phekt, LA Splisz & Ghostbusters, Pezet/Noon, WWO, Waxflowers, Genda (Code Rouge), Galla Of Ruhrpott, Sifu Versus, Cherry Hill and more


Until May 31st

Three-Day Ticket: 650 CZK (plus booking fee)

June 1st-July 31st

Three-Day Ticket: 760 CZK (plus booking fee)

August/On The Gate

Three-Day Ticket: 860 CZK (plus booking fee)

Summer of Love

August 19th-21st, 2005

Pardubice, Eastern Bohemia


Northern Lite, Koogi, Murphy, Orbith, Michael C, Ban Ban, Poprednny, John Gibbons, Steve Rachmad, Ohm Square, Martini Bros DJ Lab, Soundphreakers, Frank Kvitta, Little Louie (Slovakia), Agent and more


Until May 31st

Two-Day Ticket: 650 CZK

Friday Ticket: 250 CZK

Saturday Ticket: 450 CZK

June 1st-30th

Two-Day Ticket: 700 CZK

Friday Ticket: 300 CZK

Saturday Ticket: 500 CZK

July 1st-31st

Two-Day Ticket: 750 CZK

Friday Ticket: 350 CZK

Saturday Ticket: 550 CZK

August 1st-19th

Two-Day Ticket: 800 CZK

Friday Ticket: 400 CZK

Saturday Ticket: 600 CZK

On The Gate

Two-Day Ticket: 900 CZK

Friday Ticket: 500 CZK

Saturday Ticket: 700 CZK

Mácháč 2005 - Paul van Dyk

August 26th, 2005

Máchovo Jezero, Northern Bohemia


Paul Van Dyk and others to be confirmed


In Advance: 435 CZK

On The Gate: To Be Confirmed

Shotgun Euro

September 2nd-3rd, 2005

Hrádek nad Nisou, Northern Bohemia


Rumenige feat. Loktibrada, Inigo Kennedy, Elektrabel (Live), Pietro (Retro Techno Set), Daho & Ginger, Spyro, Monotype, Tomig, Ian Rokka, Toni Riot, Unit, Skull, SubreZ, Akitom, Bumper & Bad Batter, N.One, Philip TBC, Sayko, Stanzim, Wintermute, MKS, Phakey, Pixie, Flypper, Canabees, Peet, Moower, Kaycee

To Be Confirmed


Date To Be Confirmed

Secret Location

Various sound systems usually play at this major (illegal) free techno festival.


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