Multipurpose space Továrna opens in Holešovice

An exhibition of custom motorcycles is the first event at a new space for creative people

A new multipurpose space is opening in Prague's Holešovice district. Továrna will home to a cafe bar as well as artists' ateliers, exhibition halls, recycling workrooms, a silk-screen printing studio and a motorbike garage.

For more than a half year, a group of creative individuals has been scraping walls and pouring concrete to transform the former hardening building located at Dělnická 63, which still looked like a ruin this spring. Továrna will open Oct. 29 and 30 with the exhibition All Ride Moto Show 2016.

Tovarna won't be a classic multifunctional space, but a public sheltered plaza for various creative people. “It was made because we needed a place like this. We searched for a place for our own projects, and we want it to become an incubator for various skilled people such as passionate bikers, creative artists, progressive filmmakers or even great bartenders,” said filmmaker Amálie Kovářová, one of the people behind the project. She also uses Továrna for her own project Production Pool.

“We don't want to be clearly defined. We welcome everyone who will fall in love with this place as we have, anyone who has energy, strength and passion for his or her own project,” Kovářová said.

A broad spectrum of events is planned for the fall at Továrna. “We want to present new technologies, contribute to the cultural life of the Holešovice district and support local designers. That's exactly what we will do with our first exhibition, All Ride Moto Show,” she said.

One resident of Továrna is the motorbike workroom Custom Culture Club, which will kick off this project with their custom-made machines. All Ride Moto Show 2016 will fill the whole restored space with motorbikes on the last weekend of October.

“Where else would you place an exhibition of 50 very carefully selected machines, specific accessories and clothes, than into an industrial hall in Holešovice?” Továrna rider Giulio De Blasio said. “Before an ordinary series machine becomes custom, it takes hundreds hours of work, planning and creativity. The exhibition All Ride Moto Show wants to please your eyes and show you that even motorbike can be art and not just something you use every day. We did our best to pick up the portfolio of machines that were created by the Czech artists and we will even host a few pieces from foreign countries,” Giulio said.

The accompanying program of the exhibition will showcase also other Továrna residents, such as silk-screen printing studio PopMachine. A publishing company from Letna called PageFive will have a poster shop and a gallery with prints and posters in the ground floor. You can also look forward to silent cinema, a relaxation zone, barber shop, bar and pop-up shops.

The All Ride Moto Show will be open Oct . 29 from 10 am to 9:30 pm and Oct 30 from 10 am to 4 pm. 

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