Review: Accelerate Infinity

Featuring watering cans, buckets, and dead cats, Lubomír Typlt's Urychlovat nekonečno is an entertaining blend of symbolism and simple geometric beauty

Lubomír Typlt's exhibit is well worth 20 crowns, if only for the amusement provided by his bombastic paintings of decaying cats, framed by awkward looking figures.

His style is contemporary, yet reminiscent of German expressionism - an influence picked up, perhaps, during the artist's time studying in Germany. Typlt’s main visual focus is the repeated use of mundane objects to create large-scale, aesthetically gratifying works underlined by an acute sense of symbolism. Contraptions and grids of an architecturally and mechanically influenced form cover the walls of the first rooms of the gallery.

The visitor is greeted by a large suit of armor laden with watering cans and a bucket - the work that provides the title for the show - setting the stage for the repeated use of those objects, as well as tables, wheelbarrows, and dead cats.

Most of these works are paired with a second similarly fashioned version, adding to the feeling of continuity and duplication throughout the exhibit. As the show's press release states, the apparent non-functionality of the creations depicted in his paintings adds to the notion of "movement on the abstract level."

The use of symbolism is apparent, but it isn't necessary to grasp this in order to enjoy the exhibit. There's a sense of simplistic geometric beauty in the paintings gained through his use of everyday objects as the main visual focus in his work that negates the desire to search for complicated influences or intentions. However, if a deeper understanding is required, then the ideas of suspending time and the attempt to break it down into a concrete ideology may be meditated upon.

At the risk of sounding unrefined, I must admit that I preferred to amuse myself with Typlt's paintings as pure visual entertainment. It's not often that I find myself highly amused at contemporary art exhibitions and any time that opportunity is presented, I choose to enjoy it.

• Accelerate Infinity is showing at Galerie hlavního města Prahy - Staroměstská radnice (Old Town Hall) until February 12th, 2006


"Hello! I have discovered your article about Lubomir Typlt! Yes, I also like very much his painting! I think it is somehting speciall, as you think... his website is also good - yes I enjoyed it its more worth then 20 crowns, isnt?." --Mia

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