Fringe Picks 2006

PTV's Fringe favorites

The fifth Prague Fringe Festival feast is underway with 38 shows at its six Mala Strana venues. Here are our top picks:

Nejmenší žena na světě / The Smallest Woman on Earth (Krepsko)

Krepsko presents this wonderful tale of a man who has an obsession for small women, and his search to find the smallest one that ever existed. Catch this happily morbid shoiw which touches the imagination of the audience with their high energy circus-like performances.

Genre: Puppet theatre, comedy, new circus
Theatre: Na Prádle Theatre
Language: Non-verbal
Age accessibility: suitable for all

Showtimes: 20:00 - 21:00 Thursday, Friday, Saturday

I Miss Communism (Ines Wurth)

From Croatia to America and back, this solo show introduces 3 women, 3 generations, 3 wars, 3 governments, 3 countries and 3 currencies. This drama with intense comic moments is about freedom, war, religion and God.

“...polished... a slick, energetic, but carefully controlled solo piece” Robert Dawson Scott, THE TIMES, UK, 2005.

Genre: One Woman Show
Theatre: Na Prádle Theatre
Language: English
Age accessibility: Suitable for ages 10 and upwards
Showtimes: 21:30 - 22:30 Everyday

The Tempest (Eyeball Theatre)

Eyeball believe theatre should be seen, not just heard and The Tempest is a visual feast. Three planks of wood, four puppets and a pile of books become Prospero’s cell, his library, the shipwreck, Caliban’s grotto and the island itself. Four Ariels dance, climb and tumble over one another to carry out Prospero’s commands. The piece is accompanied by an original score, played live with electric guitar, violin and keyboard.

Genre: Physical Theatre (text based but visual)
Theatre: Nablízko Theatre (Tent)
Age accessibility: Contains scenes of a sexual nature.
Language: In English
Showtimes: 22:00 - 23:30 Everyday

And for the more musically minded...

Night & The City (Maria Tecce)

American singer/actress Maria Tecce brings her one-woman jazz/cabaret show 'Night & the City' to Prague. Hear the loves, longings, and seductions of the city, meet divas, lovers, mistresses and whores…. Musical influences range from Tom Waites to Cole Porter to Ella Fitzgerald, all bathed in an intoxicating cocktail of jazz and cabaret. A tour-de-force performance of sensuality, style, glamour, and music.

Genre: Music/Cabaret/Jazz (some use of language, music-based)
Theatre: U Malého Glena
Language: In English
Age accessibility: suitable for ages 14 and over
Showtimes: 21:00 - 22:15 Everyday

Quick (Quick Silver Productions)

This multi-media piece combines puppetry, actors and animations to tell a witty and passionate story about complicity, money and madness.

Genre: Puppet Theatre, Comedy and Drama (text based but visual)
Theatre: Nablízko Theatre
Language: In English
Age accessibility: Suitable for adults and children over 10

Showtimes: 20:00 - 21:00 Everyday

All these easily digestible hour-long morsels are served up at 150 kc. Tip: Stop by the festival bar at Nablizko for your after show fun.

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