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Provokator Print Magazine / June - Let Them Eat Cake

I am so hungry a I could eat horse takes on a different meaning when it comes to Japanese ice cream flavors, while famous vegetarians such as Ghandi, Einstein and Pamela Anderson would find it nauseating. A child dies of hunger-related causes every five seconds, while more than a billion adults in North America and Europe are believed to be obese of overweight. Most Czech woman are unhappy with their bodies, and one half of U.S. women ages 18 to 25 would prefer to be run over by a truck than be fat. And for the cannibals out there, what goes better with red wine, black or white flesh?

For more absurd food/hunger facts scavenged by our ever-examing epicure, Sara Norman, pick up your nearest print issue and flip it over, salt to taste and bon appetite.

"Withering Glance at Fading Beauties"

What some people won't do for looks, even if at some point the quest for the "perfect" figure becomes less about vanity than compulsion. The pressures of adolescence, families, and fashion can send some down the path toward bulimia or anorexia, which holds the highest mortality rate of psychological disorders. On the other hand, pro-ana voyeurs get off on the images of woman wasting away. Tiffany Phillips examines eating disorders in the Czech Republic.

"Nine Planets Without Intelligent Life" - Intermission

We take a momentary break from the interstellar travel memoirs of Chris and Ben to experience these two bots boating around and waxing philosophic about the morality of eating fish.

"Mystic Sk8 Cup 2006"

This year's Mystic Sk8 Cup is sure to satiate your skate hungers with a streetstyle, vert and, for the first time, a bowl contest with a large side order of music and art. Andy Lunt interviews the
man who started it all 13 years ago, Tomáš Rejman, to find out why this event lures heavy
international contenders, Jamie Thomas and Tony Hawk to name a few.

Art Stars

The glorious month of June busts out all over with the first instalment of club personality Angel Eyedealism's astrology column.

"Vegan Swallows"

With only one more "End of the Line" to go Monsieur Milan (gourmet) Gagnon takes a vegan break in a city known to chew these dietary dissidents up and spit them out in a bloody meaty pulp. On a quest to three very different vegan/vegetarian restaurants he finds his Eden, well almost.

"You Put What in Your Mouth?"

Whatever your native culture, the regions you've travelled to, or the religion you were raised in dictates you feast on, chances are the are some things you simply won't consume. Whether your taboos include guinea pigs, feces, or human flesh, Pamela Moye lets you know that you can rest assured that there's someone out there eating enough of them for the both of you.

Cover: Sarah Kunkler
translations: Martina Čermáková / comic: Jana Šulcová
photos: Jan Přerovský

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