Museum of Miniatures

Hidden away near the Strahov monastery, Anatoly Konyenko's microscopic creations are massively entertaining

This little-known and mostly unadvertised gem is securely hidden within the courtyard of the Strahov Monastery. It took me three attempts to find and finally enter the place but I can guarantee you that it was well worth the effort.

Equipped with microscopes and magnifying glasses, this bite-sized museum dedicates its viewing space to the inconceivably small. Most of the 30 or so pieces on display have been painstakingly produced by world record-holding Siberian Anatoly Konyenko. He uses self-designed instruments that have even been employed in eye surgery and has spent up to seven years on one work alone. One particularly time-consuming piece is a flea sporting golden horseshoes and grasping a key, padlock and tiny scissors in his minute paws. The horseshoes measure a slight 0.25 x 0.25 millimeters each and the scissors are just 0.9 millimeters long.

Other highlights include the smallest book in the world; the Lord's Prayer written on a single piece of hair (I'm not kidding!); a train with passengers, riding on a hair, placed in the eye of a needle; and a mini Eiffel Tower - you guessed it - in the eye of a needle. So as not to further spoil the surprise, I won't divulge any more of the museum's collection, but I'm sure you can see a pattern emerging.

This place is astonishing and generally quite empty - unless, as I did, you arrive at the same time as a tour group seemingly composed of the entire population of Slovakia.

I realize that most of you are probably laughing your pants off at this point - I had to laugh too, and I'm still laughing now - but that doesn't mean that this place isn't amazing. The Miniatures Museum will definitely be one of the most memorable places you ever visit.


Muzeum Miniatur (Museum of Miniatures)

Strahovske Nádvoři 11, Prague 1

Phone (+420) 233 352 371

Tram: 22, 23 (stop: Pohořelec)

Bus: 143, 149, 217 (stop: Malovanka)

Open: Mon to Sun 09:00 - 17:00

Website: (in Czech)

Video on YouTube

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