Opencard definitively ending

The city will no longer pay to operate a service center for the transit card

The Opencard project is definitively coming to an end. Prague City Hall has terminated the operation of the Prague center for the card's services, the PKS. The city was paying Kč 144,000 a month, totaling some Kč 1.7 million a year, for the operation of the center. The Opencard has not been issued since last year when it was replaced by Lítačka, a new chip card to hold coupons for public transportation.

“Definitely we are closing the system on which the Opencard was issued and it basically means the absolute end to the whole story that cost Prague was Kč 1.7 billion. The system is no longer need, and I'm glad that we operate the excellently proven Lítačka, which also continue to develop,” Prague Mayor Adriana Krnáčová (ANO) said on the City Hall website.

The Opencard project, launched under then-mayor Pavel Bém in 2007, was the subject of several lawsuits and trials due to the contracts being disadvantageous to the city. Some people responsible for implementing the system were convicted, but the card continued to be used.

The city took over the operation of the PKS in 2011 from the firm Haguess following disputes over the cost of administering the card.

The replacement card Lítačka was launched in early 2016 but some Opencards will remain valid until 2020.

“No one has to worry that the end of the system will cause any complications or inconvenience. It is rather a formal step, but it is very important for the city because it removes the last vestiges of Opencard,” Krnáčová (ANO) said.

Lítačka is valid on the metro, bus, tram and the funicular up to Petřín. The card also functions as a library card. The card also can be used for a discount at several museums and tourist attractions. Due to EU privacy rules, the card can be issued anonymously.

Lítačka cards are supplied by the firm XT-Card and the system is administered by municipal firm Operátor ICT.

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