Train trip to Munich will be faster

A meeting between transportation ministers resulted in a plan for faster service

The train ride from Prague to Munich could take under four hours by the year 2030. Czech Transport Minister Dan Ťok (ANO) signed a joint declaration with Bavarian Minister of Interior, Construction and Transport Joachim Herrmann at a Bavarian-Czech rail summit in Furth im Wald, Germany, on improving cross-border railway infrastructure.

The declaration is aimed at increasing train speeds and increasing track capacity. The trip now takes at least 4 hours and 38 minutes by train.

“We have agreed to build a rail route from Munich via [the border crossings of] Furth im Wald and Česká Kubice to Prague, which will compete with cars and be a suitable alternative to air transport. In the first phase, we will shorten the journey time to 4 hours 15 minutes, the ultimate goal is 3 and a half to four hours,” Transport Minister Dan Ťok said, according to daily Pražský deník.

Federal Minister of Transport Alexander Dobrindt said that this route has a high priority in the federal road transport plan, which will allow faster construction.

The trip from Munich to Prague will be reduced by 20 minutes in December by using a new section of track in the Plzeň region, Transport Minister Ťok said. More trains will be added to the routes as well.

Czech Minister Ťok and Bavarian Minister Herrmann also agreed to shorten the journey time from Nuremberg to Prague with a transfer at Cheb.

The Czech government in May approved high-speed rail projects including one from Prague to Dresden, though no start date was set and the plan still needs further approvals from Parliament. The route would continue to Berlin on the German side.

The Czech Republic has had Pendolino trains capable of traveling at above-average speed on existing tracks since 2005, though these are not high-speed trains in the classical sense. The trains have been approved for use in Slovakia and briefly had a route to Austria, but never were approved to go to Germany. Currently, there are routes from Prague to Olomouc, Ostrava, Mariánské Lázně, Plzeň, Poprad and Košice.

Transportation priorities in Bavaria and the rest of Germany are governed by the Bundesverkehrswegeplan 2030, an extension of a previous plan that was valid until 2015.

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