Road work may take place at night

The city is trying to shorten the amount of time roads are closed

To reduce the number of street closures, some road repairs will take place at night. The move reduces the time a road is closed, but is more expensive and more complicated.

The Technical Administration of Communications (TSK) has named 20 places for night work. It is common in other countries such as Germany for road repair to take place at night, and people have been calling for the practice to take place here.

The summer months are used for road repair in the city because there is less traffic, due to people being on vacation. But the number of road closures at the same time has been creating an inconvenience for many people.

Mayor Adriana Krnáčová (ANO) has given the TSK a list of repairs suitable for night work, and the TSK chose 20. There are over 150 projects to be completed by the end of the year.

The mayor said the issues were to have sites away from residential areas and to have the proper technology.

Night work will now be done on a more regular basis. “It's definitely not a one-time affair. Where a closure will make the traffic situation much more complicated, I will require work even at night. Of course, it's not possible everywhere, but where it is I do not see why we shouldn't do it,” Krnáčová said, according to daily Mladá fronta Dnes.

Not all repairs can be done under artificial lighting. Ones that require high degrees of precision are harder at night, such as painting on roads and adding new road layers. There are also problems with working with asphalt at night.

Costs are increased by having to pay bonuses for night work and also having to pay for lighting. The TSK does not have an estimate for costs yet.

The amount of time saved is also different for every project. In general, it could be one-third quicker.

Work should not disturb residents. Places being considered include the streets Povltavska, Ve Žlíbku, K Barrandov, Dobříšská, K Netluků, Pánkova, K Uhříněvsi, K Hájku, Pod Markétou, Novopetrovická, Výstavní, František Diviš and Průmyslova and the bridge Barrandovský most.

Some road work is already done at night, according to the TSK. This usually involves work on tunnels such as cleaning and repairs, or making diagnostic measurements.

Prague attempted night construction in the past on the Nusle Bridge, which has been being repaired since 2011. But this was prevented due to noise and other complaints from nearby residents.

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