Lítačka may offer bike and car sharing discounts

The city is planning to make deals with private service operators

The transportation card Lítačka may be getting more features. Prague City Hall is considering linking the card to discounts for bike- and car-sharing services.

“In the autumn, we would like to reach out to companies and offer them a promotion from the city in exchange for a discount for the holders of a valid Lítačka card,” Prague Deputy Mayor Petr Dolínek (ČSSD) said, according to daily Mladá fronta Dnes (MfD). Details on whether the discounts would be long-term or just for an introductory time have not yet been determined.

With car sharing, people pay a fee to a company and use a car on occasion. The user drives the car.

It is different than ride services, which have a driver using his or her own car as a sort of taxi.

Operators of car sharing services welcomed the idea, according to MfD. Michal Šimoník of Autonapůl said car sharing makes sense for people who only need a car on occasion to make large purchases or take a trip, but otherwise rely on public transportation.

Car4way manager Hynek Homola said it shows the city does not look on car sharing as competition to public transportation.

Bike sharing allows people to get off a tram or metro and then borrow a bike from a stand to complete their trip. Cyclists do not have to deal with parking zones, for example. Bikes can be transported on the metro, but face restrictions on trams when they can only be transported on parts of select routes at specified times.

Other cities such as Stuttgart, Germany, have successfully linked public transportation with bike- and car-sharing services.

Vienna offers a phone app that lets people search for the fastest or most ecological routes, and it includes mixing public transport with bike sharing. People with a transit pass qualify for some discounts.

Prague had attempted to launch its own bike sharing service, but the tender had to be canceled due to technical reasons. The city is no longer considering one since there are private companies offering the service. Mayor Adriana Krnáčová (ANO) said she would rather support the existing services.

Using the Lítačka service may also become easier. City company Operátor ICT, which operates the cards, previously announced that in the future the information from a Lítačka card could also be stored on a smartphone.

Places where the Lítačka card offers a discount include the racetrack in Velké Chuchle, where it allows for free entry.

Places offering a discount include Lobkowicz Palace, the Jewish Museum in Prague, Prague Zoo, Prague Municipal Museum, Petřín Tower and maze, and Charles Bridge Museum.

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