Jinonice metro reopens

The city will start repair work on several other stations

The metro station at Jinonice has reopened after a seven-month Kč 145 million renovation. Other stations will now start repairs, including Skalka, Anděl and Náměstí Republiky.

The renovation at Jinonice, part of the B line, was due to groundwater leaks and problems with the drainage systems. Technology in the station was also modernized.

“The public part of the platform level has fundamentally changed, namely by repainting and cleaning the tiles, by adding new ceramic tiles and by laying tiles to the edge of the platform, which has been replaced in its entirety. New ceilings, cable infrastructure and a station radio were also installed,” Prague Public Transit (DPP) CEO Martin Gillar told the media.

The glass and bronze details by sculptor František Vízner were retained. Originally they were going to be replaced by flat sheets on the walls, but there were objections from architects. On some pillars, glass was replaced by ceramic tiles. The original escalators from the 1980s remained and the station is still inaccessible to wheelchairs.

Prague Deputy Mayor Petr Dolínek (ČSSD) said that every station closure is unpleasant for passengers, but the renovation was necessary. “I'm glad to have opened the station before the end of summer vacation. The next phase of the renovation will be during full operation,” he said. Some more work needs to be done on pipelines and infrastructure.

With the station reopening, there will be changes to bus line 137, which was rerouted to compensate for the closure.

Work on the Jinonice station began at the end of 2016, when wall paneling was removed. The station was completely closed in January 2017. Operation was supposed to begin at the start of August, but the water damage was more extensive than expected.

Jinonice is the fourth-busiest metro station in Prague. The station is 198 meters long and the platform is 18 meters wide. The depth of platform below ground level is 23 meters. Jinonice opened in October 1988 under the name Švermova for communist-era journalist Jan Šverma. It was renamed in 1990 when the city rid itself of communist place names.

DPP is about to repair other stations. On Aug. 28, the Skalka station on the A line will begin a renovation that should last until February 2018, but the station will remain open. The repairs will include upgrades to the escalators.

At Anděl on line B, the entrance leading to the shopping center Nový Smíchov will be closed. Passengers will enter the station ad Na Knížecí. The elevator on Nádražní Street lacks the capacity for large crowds, and should only be used by the disabled or people with baby carriages. Work should start on Sept. 18 and last for about nine months. The escalators will be upgraded and repairs made to drainage and other infrastructure.

After repairs at Anděl are finished, the station at Karlovo náměstí on the B line will also have its escalator fixed and other work done. The Palackého náměstí entrance will remain open.

Repairs will also take place at Náměstí Republiky on the B line. Escalators will be closed toward the square, and the station will be accessible from Masarykovo nádraží. Work should start in November and last until August next year.

The Dejvická station on line A will have its lighting replaced next year but the station will not be closed.

Work continues at Muzeum on the A line. The platform in the direction of Depo Hostivař is closed until December so drainage and lighting can be fixed. The opposite platform will close after that work is finished and be out of operation until September 2018.

Work at Palmovka on the B line has been taking place since June and is scheduled for five months, but the station is open. A barrier free entrance is being installed and escalators are being fixed.

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