P+R garage may be built at Zličín

A city councilor says it could be finished in two years

Construction on a parking garage in Zličín should begin in the middle of next year, according to Karel Grabein Procházka (ANO), the city councilor responsible for the property. The garage would be used for park and ride (P+R) and be located near the end of the B metro line. It would have either 1,500 or 3,500 spaces.

Deputy Mayor Petr Dolínek (ČSSD) says the idea is not realistic, as financing has not been worked out. The structure should cost up to Kč 1.5 billion.

Parking in Prague for commuters has been a growing problem as the number of designated parking zones for residents keeps growing. Commuters from the suburbs have few reliable parking options and have to park far from the city center. But even in the outlying areas, there is insufficient parking near public transportation hubs.

“We would like to start in mid-2018, the first stage could be completed within two years,” Procházka said, according to daily Pražský deník.

He also said that the city had not yet decided on which of two options would be used, the structure with 1,500 or with 3,500 seats.

“It is not definitely decided, but the discussions are heading toward option B,” Procházka said, referring to the larger version. He also says there will be a floor for electric automobiles.

The city is preparing for negotiations with a company called Č.R., s r.o., along with the Metropole Zličín shopping center and other entities.

A large part of the parking structure should stand on city land, and the rest would be on privately owned land. This is why the city will have to be involved in financing.

Deputy Mayor Dolínek says such a large construction project cannot be built in two years. He added that a traffic bridge needs to be built first. “ANO promises something that will not happen,” Dolínek said, according to Pražský deník.

The city has other sites in mind as well for additional parking. City Hall has approved a public contract for project documentation for building parking lots at the Černý Most and Opatov metro stops.

Prague 7 recently opened an underground garage at Letná. The garage has more than 800 spots with 315 reserved for residents of Prague 7. The garage was built as part of the Blanka tunnel complex and faced several delays before opening.

Prague 1 Town Hall plans to complete an underground parking garage in Štěpánská Street in 2018 and also is preparing another project at the Nemocnice na Františku. The garage in Štěpánská will have 87 parking spaces and has a budget of Kč 112 million. The planned garage at Nemocnice na Františku will have space for 150 to 200 cars.

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