Celebrities to promote regional tourism

A new campaign will use Karel Gott, Jaromír Jágr and others

Famous Czech personalities will be used to promote tourism to the regions. CzechTourism and the Ministry of Regional Development will launch a new campaign called Ambassador with a budget of Kč 22.5 million.

“Our regions need stronger marketing support. … Internationally acclaimed celebrities in sports or culture will invite their foreign fans to places that may not have been included in their program when choosing their holiday locations,” Regional Development Minister Karla Šlechtová (for ANO) said at a press conference. Getting tourists to visit the regions would relieve pressure on some of the more popular and well-known spots such as Prague and Český Krumlov.

Getting tourists to go to the regions would also help to improve the economies in those areas by increasing employment and supporting the growth of the tourism-related business. If the campaign is successful, its costs would be offset by the money it helps to generate.

People to be used in the Ambasador campaign include hockey player Jaromír Jágr, golfer Klára Spilková, singer Marta Kubišová, biathlete Gabriela Koukalová, opera singer Magdalena Kožená, rower Ondřej Synek, footballer Petr Čech, speed skater Martin Sáblíková, cyclist Jaroslav Kulhavý, violinist Pavel Šporcl, singer Karel Gott, skier Ester Ledecká and footballer Pavel Nedvěd.

The campaign will consist of short advertisements where the famous people carry out daily activities in their home regions, to a background of classical music. The ads will be filmed until March 2018, CzechTourism director Monika Palatková said.

Different people will be used in different countries, for example, Karel Gott would be used in Germany where people are familiar with his music. Jaromír Jágr would be used in North America and Scandinavia, where ice hockey is popular.

CzechTourism wants to promote the less-known regions in the Benelux countries, China and Hong Kong, Italy, France, Japan, South Korea, Mexico, Germany, Poland, Austria, Russia, Slovakia, Spain, Sweden, the US and the UK.

The tourism industry is doing well, overall. Tourism was up in 2016 for both Prague and the Czech Republic as a whole, as measured by both the number of visitors and by overnight stays. In all regions of the Czech Republic, the number of guests, as well as the number of overnight stays, went up in 2016. The trend has continued into 2017. Numbers for visitors from China were up sharply. Figures for Russians are still down but starting to recover.

The Czech Republic has 12 UNESCO World Heritage Sites including the center of Prague and 19 sites on a tentative list that the country considers worthy of nomination.

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