More ticket inspectors on public transit

The city will be cracking down on 'black passengers'

Signs posted on Prague's trams, buses and metro are warning passengers of an increase in the number of ticket inspectors, or revizors. The signs have a black triangle that says ”Pozor! Zvýšený výskyt revizorů!” which means “Warning, Higher number of revizors!”

The first wave of increased inspectors takes place Nov. 7 and is a cooperative effort of the city and public transport organizer Ropid. Increases will also take place Nov. 14 and Nov. 29.

These are part of the Nejedeš načerno? Or “You aren't riding black?” campaign.

Ropid has not disclosed specific details of the increase in revisors and where they will be so people without tickets won't be able to plan to avoid them.Stickers saying Nejedeš načerno? will also be posted to remind people to buy tickets.

Inspectors will be looking for parents with children, as children learn at an early age to copy their parents' actions. The inspectors want to show that traveling without tickets has consequences.

People caught without tickets now have the option to buy an annual pass at a discount. If they do so, the fine will be cut in half to Kč 400.

For fun, inspectors will also be judging the most creative excuses for not having a ticket and publicizing the best ones. The people with the excuses do not win anything though and still have to pay the fine.

The option to get the discounted annual pass has been proving popular with those who have received tickets.

An annual pass costs an adult about Kč 10 per day, making it a good deal for people who travel even a few times during the week. The price was reduced in June 2015 to encourage more people to buy the passes. In 2016, some 348,444 bought annual coupons at the discounted price. The previous level around 170,000 per year at the higher price.

Revizors gave out a total of 299,533 fines last year totaling Kč 139 million. During the last four years, the number has risen slightly. While sales of the discounted pass have been very successful and have increased overall ridership, it has not stopped the problem of theft of services. 

Currently, there are some 160 revisors in Prague. Ticket inspectors have to identify themselves by showing a badge. Passengers are then required to show the inspector a valid ticket. If the rider does not have a valid ticket, the inspector can issue a fine that can be paid on the spot. The fine is Kč 800 if it is paid on the spot or within 15 days. If not paid within that time, the fine is Kč 1,500. If a person left their pass at home and produces it later, the fine is Kč 50.

There can also be fines for oversized luggage and other violations, but those are rarely given out.

According to the DPP website, the combined number of people transported each year on trams, buses and metro trains is a staggering 1.18 billion, which works out to 3.2 million people per day. This includes people making multiple trips such as to work and back counting as two passengers. Annually there are 461 million people using the metro, 369 million using trams and 357 million using buses.

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