Trams and buses to get more security cameras

Recent incidents have caused the transport system to increase security

More security cameras will be installed on buses and trams in response to recent incidents of crime. Some 200 cameras should be supplied to buses in December, and a tender for 250 CCTV cameras for trams is planned for next year.

While crime has been an issue on public transportation for some time, the incident that spurred action was an apparently racially motivated attack on a 36-year-old foreigner by a group of football hooligans supporting Sigma Olomouc. The assailants used racial slurs and physically attacked the man.

The victim identified some of his assailants from police photos of known football hooligans. The identified hooligans were later arrested. They face a significant sentence since it was a racially motivated crime.

In the last year, there have been several incidents in public transport. In some cases, the driver was involved, but sometimes it was between passengers.

The Prague Public Transit Company (DPP) has had camera systems in all buses that have joined the fleet since September 2009. The camera system records the driver and in an emergency can make a fifteen-minute recording that can be used to document a criminal offense.

Currently, 656 buses are equipped with CCTV systems, accounting for some 56 percent of the fleet. Another 200 vehicles will receive new camera systems starting next month.

The DPP should have a budget of Kč 14.5 billion next year and spend Kč 1.88 billion on new vehicles and tracks.

According to the DPP website, the public transportation system has 1,179 buses traveling on 142 routes, and 836 trams on 33 routes. Some 356,967,000 use the bus system annually, while 368,609,000 use trams. There is also a metro system with 730 vehicles on three lines used by 461,160,000 people annually.

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