Most NYE tourists came from Paris and Moscow

Prague is becoming a popular destination for visitors at the end of the year

New Year's Eve and New Year’s Day celebrations in Prague are increasingly popular among tourists. In the last days of the year, tourists from Paris, Moscow, and London topped the list of people visiting Prague.

Not all of the visitors to Prague came from Europe. Some came from South Korea and Australia, according to accommodation sharing service Airbnb.

At the start of December, Prague City Tourism estimated that up to 280,000 visitors would come to the capital to celebrate Christmas and the New Year, using hotels, guest houses, and other accommodation services. Actual figures have not yet been released, and shared accommodation services are hard to track with statistics as many overnight stays go unreported.

In all of December 2016, according to Prague City Tourism, some 610,000 people came to Prague. Of these 514,000 came from abroad and 96,000 from the Czech Republic. The agency estimated that there would be an increase to 650,000 for the whole month of December in 2017.

On the other hand, people from Prague spent the end of the year in Budapest, Vienna, and Tenerife, according to Airbnb. Copenhagen, the Dominican Republic, Edinburgh, and Mauritius also became more popular.

Among European cities, Karlovy Vary was ranked 40th place and compared to last year, with 140 percent more tourists staying there.

European locations that recorded the largest increase in reservations for the first half of this year are the Danish city of Herning, the French region of Aveyron, the Lake Geneva region, and Bilbao, Spain.

Worldwide, most tourists this year headed for New Year's Eve celebrations in New York. Other popular destinations included London, Sydney and Tokyo.

More and more people are choosing exotic destinations like Costa Rica, Ecuador, and Nicaragua for the end of the year.

Countries that hosted the most travelers on Airbnb this Dec. 31 were the United States, followed by France, Brazil, Mexico and Canada.

China was the top trending country for travelers on New Year’s Eve, and Chinese cities dominate the 10 cities with the highest growth in Airbnb listings globally. Suzhou, Wuhan, Hangzhou, Xi’an, Guangzhou, and Nanjing were all on the list of trending cities.

More than 3 million tourists worldwide used Airbnb services at the end of the year, up from just 1,400 in 2009.

While services like Airbnb have proven popular with visitors to Prague, the city administration has been trying to find ways to better regulate the service so that providers of accommodation pay the required fees and taxes to the city. They also are looking at ways of limiting the expansion of such services as they have been blamed for driving up apartment prices and rental prices.

Residents of buildings with Airbnb flats have also complained to the city about noise, theft and excessive garbage.

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