Prague faces numerous transportation changes

Planned and unplanned closures have led to some travel chaos

Prague is currently hit with a large number of transportation changes that were both planned and unplanned. Several metro stops are partly closed and there are disruptions to tram and bus service.

The unexpected closure of the bridge Libeňský most has had a large impact. Tram 10 has been cancelled, with service on tram 16 boosted to compensate. Routes for trams 1, 6, 24 and 95 have been shortened, while the routes have been changed for 3, 14, 16, 17, 25 and 94. Special tram routes 30 and 31 have been established.

Libeňský most remains open to pedestrians and bicycles. It was closed due to its poor technical state, which was evaluated as being in emergency condition. It is not known how long it will remain closed to trams and buses, but it could be from three to eight years before the bridge is fully repaired. Service across the bridge could be restored much sooner, however, possibly within a month.

Some service in the same area is disrupted due to planned work on sewer tunnels and tram tracks. That work should finish June 1.

The two pedestrian crossings on the railway bridge in Výton are also closed due to their poor state, though this closing was planned. The south side will be repaired this year and the north side next year. Work will take place in the summer, but both sides are now closed because they are unsafe. A ferry service is taking its place.

Hlávkův most is also in poor technical condition, and repairs are planned. It is not clear if tram traffic will be disrupted.

The footbridge linking Stromovka and Troja collapsed in December, and a new bridge will be built but so far there is no date set for when that will happen. Until then, there is a ferry service planned. Prague Zoo and the Troja Chateau remain accessible by bus.

Planned work on trams tracks will see the section between Újezd and Malostranská closed for repairs from Jan. 22. to Feb. 21. This will affect the popular 22 and 23 tram lines and the historical 97 tram as well as the 2, 7, 12 and 15 line. A substitute tram 32 goes from Bílá Hora to Malostranská.

There is also work going on in the metro. The main entrance to the Anděl metro stop at Plzeňská Street remains closed until June 2018. The escalators that were built in 1985 will be replaced, and repairs will be made to the drainage system.

During the time the main entrance is closed, the station will still be accessible from the bus station at Na Knížecí, approximately 300 meters away. Several buses and trams go from Na Knížecí or nearby to the intersection of Plzeňská Street at Nádražní or Stroupežnického Streets.

Repairs are taking place at Náměstí Republiky on the B line. Escalators are closed toward the square, and the station will be accessible from Masarykovo nádraží. Work should last until August.

In Palmovka escalators are being repaired in one part of the station and should be done by April 2018.

At the Nádraží Veleslavín station, which connects to the bus for the airport, an escalator for passengers is being installed and should be finished in April. The station was widely criticized for not having the escalator in the original plan.

At the Muzeum stop on the A line, the platform toward the Nemocnice Motol station is closed until May 20. Riders headed in that direction who want to transfer to the C-line will have to go to Můstek and come back one stop.

The south vestibule of the Budějovická station is closed due to the state of the roof over the passages. The station is accessible from the north side. No date for the reopening of the south side has been announced.

After repairs at Anděl are finished, the station at Karlovo náměstí on the B line will also have its escalator fixed and other work is done. The Palackého náměstí entrance will remain open. The Dejvická station on line A will have its lighting replaced but the station will not be closed.

On top of all this, taxi drivers are planning more strikes and actions such as blocking traffic to protest app-based ridesharing programs. The first action could be Feb. 8.

Aside from transportation, there are closures to tourist attractions. The Astronomical Clock is out of commission until July, and the National Museum should finally reopen to the public in October.

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