Ticket inspectors actions planned for February

The city will be having large sweeps looking for people without transit tickets

Transit ticket inspectors will be out in large numbers three times during February to catch and fine people without tickets. “Inspector Action” (Akce revizor) will take place Feb. 6, 13 and 21.

Dozens of inspectors and police officers will be at the busiest public transport hubs in Prague.

A similar campaign took place in November 2017, and there have been other days with extra inspectors since then.

The inspectors will give symbolic transit coupons to children as well if the adults they are with have their tickets in proper order. “We want to show the younger generation in particular that riding without a ticket is not cool. Everyone should realize that traveling to the detriment of others is, on the contrary, stupid and embarrassing. The ‘black passenger’ is on a similar level to someone who goes to a store and does not pay for the service he or she gets,” Deputy Mayor Petr Dolínek (ČSSD) said in November when the first event took place.

The Prague Public Transit Company (DPP) hopes such events will encourage people to stop “riding black,” meaning without a ticket, as that costs the transit operator in lost revenue that could go to improving the system.

If a passenger is caught without a ticket, the person can now save half of the fine if they buy an annual coupon. The person should take the fine ticket and identity documents and go to buy and annual pass for Kč 3,650. The fine will then be reduced to Kč 400.

An ongoing campaign called Don’t Ride Black has been collecting the excuses heard most often by ticket inspectors. There will be compiled in a comic book–style advertising campaign to shame people who use such excuses.

The transit company is also launching virtual tickets in August, which will use many types of contactless card. This will eliminate the need for people to go to specific places to validate the coupons.

A month after that, a new phone app should be launched that will allow for purchasing tickets.

These will help to reduce the use of SMS tickets, which are costly to the city because of the fees involved.

The green Lítačka card is still very popular. In addition to carrying transit coupons, it serves as a city library card and offers discounts to museums. Some Prague students in a pilot program are using it for ID when they enter the school building.

The Lítačka card replaced the red OpenCard, which had been tied up in a series of scandals since it was introduced.

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