Key players to cooperate in boosting tourism

The city, Central Bohemia, airport and tourism agencies are now working together

Developing tourism in the Czech Republic by increasing direct flights will have support from key institutions in the field of tourism.

Representatives of Prague, the Central Bohemia region, airport operator Letiště Praha, CzechTourism and Prague City Tourism have agreed to cooperate to support inbound tourism. They will participate in creating foreign presentations for the Czech Republic as an attractive tourist destination and support air travel to Prague.

At the same time, they expressed the need to support the extending the number of time tourists stay, and increasing interest in more places both in and outside Prague.

The Czech Republic and Prague are among the most attractive tourist locations in Europe and the world and are perceived as safe places. “Prague is one of the top 10 most popular destinations in the world. In 2017, she was elected as the ninth most popular place by Trip Advisor Travelers' Choice and was also rated as the best option in terms of holiday attractiveness compared to average spending,” Prague Mayor Adriana Krnáčová (ANO) said. Prague is visited by about 7 million people annually, and in terms of sheer numbers of foreign visitors, it is 20th worldwide.

“The development of air links to the Czech Republic is closely linked to the attractiveness of Prague. The cooperation of the airport and key institutions in the field of tourism is very desirable,” she added.

The group’s goal is to focus on large foreign markets for outbound travel that can make a significant contribution to the further development of tourism in the Czech Republic.

The interest of foreign tourists can be accommodated by creating new direct flights to Prague. Czechs would conversely be able to reach more of the world by air which wouldn’t be possible without stable inbound tourism.

Václav Řehoř, board chairman of Letiště Praha, said the airport is an integral part of tourism, and close cooperation with its partners is an important step for promoting incoming tourism.

“Together we want to target air carriers in markets where, based on available statistics, we see the potential for establishing a direct air link with Prague. The airport can provide full information and data support, as well as contacts to tour operators and travel agencies. Last but not least, we have an interesting incentive system for carriers with marketing support for new destinations,” he said.

“I am glad that the first examples of concrete cooperation are being developed. We count on the joint participation of Letiště Praha and CzechTourism at selected travel trade fairs and at international aviation trade fairs where future flights are organized. In line with our strategy, we are mainly hoping to develop long-distance connections with Asia and North America,” he added.

Markets being targeted include Japan, India, China, Thailand or Malaysia and the United States.

The participants agreed that co-operation should be stepped up to help tourists deal with visa issues by increasing the capacity of consular sections, simplifying visa procedures or extending the network of visa application centers.

The group’s objectives are based on CzechTourism's long-term strategy to monitor and evaluate the potential of existing and new markets, and promote tourism there.

Currently, tourists in Bohemia stay on average for less than three nights. The common goal will be to extend their stay and create an environment for them to make full use of all the services offered in the tourism sector.

Central Bohemian Governor Jaroslava Pokorná Jermanová said support for tourism is one of the priorities of the Central Bohemia region. “We are ready to become an active participant in this newly established cooperation. We have established the Central Bohemian Tourism Center whose activity and basic objective is to achieve the maximum promotion of the region and to increase the tourism potential for both domestic and foreign clientele,” she said.

“The center is now focusing its efforts to offer multi-day stays in Central Bohemia and reach new groups of tourists based on their interest and age. For this year, the headquarters has selected several big events to financially support together with Prague. An example is the Harley Davidson 115th anniversary celebrations with a broad international presence,” she added. The event takes place in July.

“I think this is a very effective incoming tourism event that will raise awareness of the Czech Republic, Prague and our region, and will contribute to increasing the potential of tourism as a whole,” she said, adding that she wanted to see more similar events.

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