Costs for planned Metro D released

A geological survey should start later this year to prepare for construction

The construction cost for the planned metro D line for eight stations from Pankrác to Depo Písnice should be Kč 39.7 billion. The figures are from a document that was discussed by the Municipal Transport Committee. The route is intended to connect the south of Prague with the city center.

The largest portion of funds, some Kč 21 billion, will go toward the construction of tunnels and vestibules. Trains and the control system will cost Kč 6.5 billion. The depot and parking will cost Kč 5.7 billion, and additional money will be needed for the purchase of land and the surface-level stations.

Due to the purchase of land, the Prague Public Transit Company (DPP) and the city want to establish a joint venture with the developer, Penta Investments, which won the tender.

DPP alone is unable to acquire the land needed for the metro route and stations, according to DPP director Martin Gillar. Owners are asking for much higher amounts than the DPP can handle. Owners also want compensation for the years when construction on their land was blocked due to the pending metro line. DPP needs to negotiate with 451 owners of the total 655 land parcels needed.

The joint venture would exclude the parcels needed at Nádraží Krč and Nemocnice Krč. “This is because the property owners who sell or give land rights are represented by one entity, and this entity is currently working with DPP and Prague 4. I expect very optimistic agreements with owners in the second or third quarter of 2018,” Gillar said, according to press reports.

As previously reported, the new line will use driverless trains. Construction on the Pankrác to Olbrachtova section is to begin in the first phase. Subsequently, construction will be extended to the Nové Dvory stop and then to Depo Písnice.

Following that, the line is planned to be extended from Pankrác to Náměstí Míru. Where it will go from there, it is not yet decided. One plan calls for extending it to náměstí Republiky, while another would head to Žižkov and Vysočany.

A geological survey that will take about a year should begin this summer for the section between Pankrác and Nové Dvory. "Roughly in June or in July, we would begin our work. It would end in about August 2019,” Gillar said. The survey will take place in four places and will cost about Kč 1 billion.

Originally, construction on the metro D line was planned to start in 2010 but for various reasons that never happened.

The metro line has already faced criticism, as some people claim the planned stations that were designed in 2009 are already outdated. But since zoning permission has been granted for the existing designs, it is not possible to change them.

There was a petition two years ago calling for new design contests, but the city announced earlier this March that no new contests would be taking place due to technical reasons. The city was not able to reach a needed agreement with Metroprojekt, the firm made the original plans, over possible changes.

The Prague metro began operation in 1974 and now has three lines with 61 stations. It currently has a transit network 65.2 kilometers long.

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