Prague's Anděl metro entrance to reopen

The work to replace the escalator was finished ahead of schedule

UPDATE 08.06 / 16.45: The main entrance at the Anděl metro stop will reopen at the start of the morning traffic June 11, 2018.

The main entrance to the Anděl metro stop on the B line is set to reopen next week, ahead of schedule, after nine months of work to replace the escalators. The exact date has not been announced as it depends on a final inspection.

Farmers markets that were held in the metro station lobby will also return.

“The term [of the reopening] is scheduled for the beginning of next week. The exact time will be announced when we know,” Prague Public Transit Company spokeswoman Aneta Řehková said.

During the rebuilding of the escalator, passengers had to use the exit at the Na Knížecí bus terminal, some 300 meters away, or elevators, which are primarily intended for parents with baby carriages and people with limited mobility. They lacked the capacity to meet the demand and were often out of service.

The farmers markets should run all summer. “We start for the first time on June 15 and continue every Friday until mid-November, as usual,” says Radek Luka, managing director of market operator Lucky Service. No market will be held July 6 due to the holiday.

The station entrance Plzeňská Street closed Sept. 25, 2017, after several delays since local people and businesses claimed they had not been informed. The escalators there dated from 1985, and were of an obsolete and inefficient design.

The Anděl station was built between 1977 and 1985 in cooperation with Soviet architects and dedicated to the idea of Czechoslovak–Soviet friendship. Its original name was Moskevská, after Moscow. As a symbol of the alleged friendship, the Prazhskaya station, named after Prague, was opened in the Moscow Metro at the same time. A stone and metal mural saying “Moskva Praha” can still be found in Anděl's entrance. Moskevská was renamed in 1990 to Anděl. Other stations with communist links were also renamed at the same time.

The city has been making repairs to a lot of metro stations.

Work that caused the closure of half of the Muzeum station on the A line finished at the end of May, though more work is still being done. The whole station to be closed on the weekends of June 23–24 and again on July 22–23.

Work on the escalators at metro Náměstí Republiky on the exit that actually goes to the square began in January and should last until the end of August. Until then people can enter and exit the station at Masarykovo nádraží.

Escalators will be replaced at the Karlovo náměstí metro station on the B line in October. The Palackého náměstí entrance will remain open.

Work should also begin this year at Opatov on the C line and Flora on the A line. This work should not affect normal traffic. Repairs are also taking place at the Dejvická metro stop.

The Prague Metro opened in 1974. It now has three lines and 61 stations covering a network of over 65 kilometers.

A fourth line, Metro D, is planned and construction should begin in 2019 and last until 2023. The line with extending from the metro C stop at Pankrác to Písnice in the southern part of the city. It should later be extended to Náměstí Míru to join with the A line. The line will use driverless trains.

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