Transit system to expand in suburbs

One ticket will cover both Prague and Central Bohemia

The Prague City Council has taken another step toward allowing one transit ticket to cover almost all of both Prague and Central Bohemia. The Council approved new tariffs that include 11 zones across the Central Bohemian region and four Prague zones. Annual travel tickets for the region will also be introduced.

Changes in tariffs will not apply to the most commonly used tickets for travel within Prague.

From Sept. 1, the integrated fare will cover the existing zones in the Central Bohemia Region. New tariffs for other zones will start later, most likely from Oct.1 These still need approval from authorities in the Central Bohemia region, which is expected soon.

Also new is that people will be able to pay for travel throughout Central Bohemia for up to a year in advance. Currently, people can only buy a quarterly ticket for trips outside of Prague. The price will not be very different from four quarterly tickets together, likely just Kč 10 less.

The annual tickets are in response to high demand, according to transit organizer ROPID.

Individual 12-zone tickets will cost Kč 92 and be valid for up to 5.5 hours. More one-day tickets will be available. A ticket for up to four zones, including Prague, will cost Kč 160 crowns. For all of the Prague Integrated Transport (PID) area, it will cost Kč 240, and for all bands outside Prague it will be Kč 150.

The biggest change is the extension of the integrated fare to other parts of the Central Bohemia region. For regular commuters, this is a cheaper alternative to buying a bus or train ticket. Four new external zones will be introduced in the Central Bohemian region, creating 11 in total. Currently, there are seven zones in Central Bohemia. Prague will have four zones.

All remaining train tracks that fall into the existing zones will come under the jurisdiction of PID.

Railway integration in Prague suburban transport was expanded already in February, especially to the west.

The final integration will come at the end of the year when PID tickets will be valid in select areas of adjacent regions such as Tábor.

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