Free parking in Prague

A technical upgrade will take the system down all weekend

Parking will be free in Prague over the weekend, from midnight on Friday, July 27, to midnight on Sunday, July 29.

This one-off event is due to changes in technology.

There will be no patrol vehicles looking for violations during this time. The Technical Administration of Roadways (TSK) made the announcement on its website.

“This shutdown is necessary for the expansion of the system's hardware capacities with a view to increasing the number of parking spaces and increasing the demand for stored information,” the TSK announced.

Paid parking will carry over. If someone buys a two-hour parking permit for a parking zone spot at 11 pm on Friday, the second hour will be valid on Monday starting at 8 am.

Using the virtual parking hours system will not be possible during the downtime. People who want to use the system to reserve time for the following days after the weekend are asked to use it before the system outage starts.

Personal parking pages will also be shut down. “It will not be possible to set registration marks for portable parking privileges or apply for an extension of parking privileges. We ask the holders of these parking privileges to take note of these facts,” the TSK said. People are again asked to plan in advance and make whatever changes they need before the outage starts, or just after.

The website also will not be functioning during the outage time.

Holders holding a long-term parking authorization such as residents with permits will not be affected by the restrictions, aside from the outage of personal pages.

For complete information, in Czech, visit

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