Parking permits add up for city

Prague took in over half a billion crowns from parking zones

Prague last year collected Kč 521million in paid parking zones, which is about Kč 83 million more than the previous year. After deducting costs, the net income last year was about Kč 312 million. The city's total part will be over Kč 156 million. The data comes from City Hall and does not include data for Prague 4, which introduced zones last July.

The city's Technical Roadways Administration (TSK) and the city itself spend the money on operating the zones.

Residents pay Kč 1,200 per year for parking. Residents can get permits annually, semi-annually and quarterly. Seniors and people with cards for disabilities pay Kč 365 per year. Owners of electric cars pay Kč 100.

In Prague 1, about Kč 148.5 million was collected. Prague 1 was the first district where the zoned parking was introduced, in 1996. The second highest amount was in Prague 2, about Kč 102.5 million. Prague 6 was third, with Kč 67.5 million.

Income comes not only from annual permits for residents but also from vending machines for temporary parking passes and other methods of paying for parking. Opencard, for example, can still be used to pay for parking but that method has not been popular. There are also online methods for blocking out parking time.

About Kč 276 million came from vending machines. The most was in Prague 1, where the amount was more than Kč 70 million. Drivers also bought the most parking privileges, for about Kč 76.2 million crowns.

The number of places in Prague with zoned parking keeps expanding, in part because once an area introduces parking zones, commuters from outside the city park in the closest unregulated area and cause congestion there. The city has also been introducing more Park and Ride lots for commuters to relieve parking problems in the city.

A survey released in May, though, showed residents and commuters were still dissatisfied with the parking situation in the city, with 9 out of 10 people reporting problems.

On average 318,500 cars arrive on Prague each working day, of which 75,000 commute regularly.

In Prague, motorists spend about 15 minutes, and in the center even half an hour looking for a spot. This adds up to 180 hours per year, which is more than one working month.

The first regulation of parking began in Prague in the 1980s. Zones in Prague began to operate in 1996 in parts of Prague 1 and were subsequently extended to the whole of Prague 1, 2, 7, and most of Prague 3. The zones were extended to Prague 5, 6 and 8 in 2016, and expanded in 2017. Zones are also run by the Town Hall in Prague 13, 16 and 22. Last July, they expanded to Prague 4. In the past, they were considering Prague 9, where they were not yet established.

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