Prague Ring Road closer to reality

City Hall approved a contract for design work on a large stretch of the planned circuit

Prague City Hall has taken another step towards completing the Prague Ring Road (Městský okruh) between Pelc-Tyrolka and Štěrboholy.

The Prague City Council approved a construction design contract for a 10.3-kilometer stretch that is divided into three parts. The contract covers a 10.3-kilometer stretch, of which approximately 5 kilometers is tunnels. The stretch amounts to about 30 percent of the entire road.

The first is a 3.2 kilometer long stretch of Pelc-Tyrolka at Balabenka, where there are two tunnels. The second section is between Balabenka and Štěrboholská and has one tunnel. The third part is a 1.35 km section in Libeň with an 865-meter tunnel.

The city plans to pay approximately Kč 307 million to the firms SG 0081 PTB and Satra for the project planning of the 10.3-kilometer section of the city ring road.

The company SG 0081 PTB will be responsible for the first and third parts, and Satra will do the second part, according to daily Pražský deník.

The roads will have two lanes in each direction. The stretch in question accounts for about 30 percent of the total length of the 32 kilometers of the city ring road, a press release said.

The last part of the ring road to open was the Blanka tunnel in September 2015. The new section is referred to in the contract as Vlasta.

Prague Deputy Mayor Petr Dolínek (ČSSD), responsible for transportation, said that completing the inner ring road is a crucial step that Prague needs. “When I opened the Blanka Tunnel complex, I talked about it being a necessary piece of construction, but without being connected it is also an orphan. Now we have come close to making the ring road a real circle that could serve Prague transport,” Dolínek said.

The Prague Ring Road, also called the inner ring road, will relieve traffic from neighborhood streets and from the city center.

Dolínek added that the districts and citizens would be consulted over the project, to avoid problems such as intersections that are not friendly to the local inhabitants.

The preparation of Vlasta, also called Blanka II, has been going on for a long time. Last year, City Hall looked to see if there were cheaper alternatives to the planned route that would not include so many tunnels, as some parties felt the project was too expensive. In the end, the City Council decided to stick to the original plans that included tunnels. The Prague 3 district opposed the above ground route as it would cause more noise and air pollution.

The total cost of completing the inner ring is estimated at some Kč 40 billion and the start of construction is unlikely to begin until 2023.

The construction once started, should take seven years.

Work on the Prague Ring Road began in the 1980s. 

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