Smíchov ferry to continue through winter

The P5 ferry line will operate as a private venture until the spring

People wanting to take a ferry from Výtoň to Smíchov during the winter months can still do so, as the owner of the ferry is extending the service.

The trip, though, won’t be part of the Prague Integrated Transit (PID) system, so people transit pass holders will need to buy a ticket.

The P5 ferry, as it is called when it is part of PID, officially ceased operation Oct. 28. But the company that owns the ferry and operates it under contract with PID has decided to extend the service through March 2019 as a private venture for those who want it. The cost of taking the ferry across the river during the winter is Kč 30 for adults and Kč 20 for children and seniors.

It will run from Sunday to Friday from 10 am to 8 pm and on Saturdays from 9 am to 8 pm. The ferry has a capacity for 12 people.

The ferry has four stops, starting at the tip of Císařská louka, an island in the Vltava, then going a short way to Kotevní in Prague 5–Smíchov, then across the river to Výtoň in Prague 2 and then back across the river to Náplavka Smíchov.

In March, it will again operate as part of PID as the P5 ferry until next autumn.

There is a lack of connections between the two sides of the Vltava river at this point, and in the long run a new bridge called Dvorecký most is planned, but its construction is years away.

Pražské Benátky (Prague Venice) operates the ferries as well as larger wooden boats that give tours of the river.

Pražské Benátky’s owner Zdeněk Bergman said that continuing the service is better than letting the ferry boat sit idle. “The ferry is for the people. We want to keep it here since we see that it is being used, and there is great interest in it,” he said.

The ferry runs right near the Railway Bridge, which is being partly renovated due to its poor condition. One of its two walkways has opened to the public, linking the area under Vyšehrad to Smíchov.

There are eight ferry routes in Prague, and most are in particular used by cyclists to get from one side of the river to the other. P1 from Sedlec to Zámky and P2 from V Podbabě to Podhoří both run all year. In addition, the P8 ferry connecting Troja to Císařský ostrov will run year round until a replacement is made for the Troja footbridge, which collapsed in December 2017.

The other four lines — P3, P4, P6 and P7 — all shutdown for the winter.

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