Some Lítačka cards not registering

Users of the green transit cards have been reporting malfunctions in the system

Travelers have been reporting that their transit coupons stored on Lítačka cards are not registering when the cards are checked by ticket inspectors.

The problem was first apparent in September when Lítačka was launched in an online shop. The was supposed to have been fixed, but reports now say it has persisted.

Ticket inspectors when they do not find a coupon registered for the card, can ask to see a receipt as proof of purchase. If the rider has no visible valid coupon or receipt, inspectors can issue a ticket for riding without a ticket. Many riders object to this though, claiming their card is valid. Others though, have figured out that they can ride with an expired coupon until the system is fixed by claiming they have a coupon that isn’t registering properly, hoping that the inspector will be sympathetic.

Inspectors have been told to be lenient until the problem is resolved.

People who do get tickets for “riding black” but have paid for a coupon have 15 days to go to an office to sort it out. People can then get a statement that the coupon is valid and carry it with them, but that sort of defeats the purpose of having a smart card.

The city-run company responsible for the cards, Operátor ICT, says that the problem is the devices on buses and the ones used by inspectors are not properly calibrated. Because of this, they cannot access new coupons issued since there were technical changes to the system.

Every inspection device that inspectors use should have access to an online database and should always be able to find the coupon information.

Lítačka, introduced in 2016, is the replacement for the scandal-plagued Opencard, which can no longer be renewed.

People can validate the Lítačka cards online since Sept. 1, without having to come into the city to use validating machines. This makes the cards easier to use in Central Bohemia, at least once the problems with checking the cards are sorted out

The city has also launched a PID Lítačka mobile application, which allows people to buy tickets as well as check transit info.

Some 240,000 Opencards were still in use at the end of August, according to City Hall. Lítačka is used by about a half million people. Prague has a population of 1.26 million, counting children who ride for free. Central Bohemia has 1.3 million.

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