Speed limits on ring road to be monitored

Residents have complained of noise since the section in southern suburbs opened

Drivers on the Prague’s outer ring road in the section from Jesenice to Vestec just south of Prague will face a more thorough speed check than before.

“By measuring, we want to prevent speeding. The information will be passed to the police. A reduction of speed will, of course, mean a reduction in the noise from passing vehicles,” Road and Motorway Directorate (ŘSD) spokesman Jan Studecký said.
People living near the completed sections of the outer ring road have long complained of noise from the passing cars, despite noise barriers.

New cameras will measure speed and evaluate the transit time. Measurements will take place on four section of the Prague Ring Road, which is also designated as D0. Drivers who slow down just before the camera and then later accelerate past the speed limit can also expect a fine, as they will not match the estimated transit time if the speed limit had been adhered to.

Speed measurement on D0 is currently in operation at both the Lochkov and Cholupice tunnels. "In both tunnels, drivers generally follow the required speed,” Studecký said.

The outer ring road is called Pražský okruh, or Prague Ring, and now designated as roadway D0. There is also an inner ring road, called Městský okruh, or Municipal Ring. Both have been under construction for decades and are far from complete.

The incoming City Council, led by the Pirates in coalition with Praha sobě and United Force for Prague, have declared completing the ring roads as a priority.

The first sections of the D0 motorway opened in 1984, and at that time the road was designated as R1. In the time since, only 39 of the planned 83 kilometers have been completed, and are in two disconnected sections. The Vestec section was among the last to be completed, opening in September 2010.

The most recent estimate, made before the Pirates announced that completing the road was a priority, is that the entire road will be finished in 2029.

The inner ring road is closer to completion and has seen work more recently. Some 22 kilometers of the planned 32 kilometers are in operation. The city in August approved design work for the remaining sections. The last part of the ring road to open was the Blanka tunnel in September 2015, which faced numerous delays and legal challenges.

Work on the inner ring road began in the 1980s. When finished, it will help remove traffic from north-south highway (Severojižní magistrála) that cuts through the city center.

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