More bridges facing demolition

Traffic on the busy D10 and D11 highways will be diverted

More bridges in Prague are in poor condition. Inspections by the Technical Roadways Administration (TSK) have found that three overpasses in the eastern part of the city in Horní Počernice need extensive repairs or demolition.

The bridges at Bystrá at the D10 highway to Satalice, Ve Žlíbku at the D10 to Radonice and Božanovská at the D11 are in poor condition, the Prague 20 district stated on its website.

Work on the bridges should take place in 2019 and 2020, according to the TSK.
Operation on the Bystra bridge over the D10 will be restricted for vehicles over 16 tons, with a signal light limiting traffic to one direction at a time. In spring 2019, the Bystrá bridge will be demolished and a new bridge will be constructed. The demolition of Božanovská bridge will take place after that.

The Ve Žlíbku bridge should be repaired.

The demolition and repair of the bridges will cause large traffic restrictions on the D10 to D11 highways, which have some of the highest traffic volumes in the country.

“We are working with the TSK and other authorities to find the most suitable detours, especially for trucks, in order to minimize the traffic through the inhabited part of Horní Počernice. Unfortunately, transport in Horní Počernice will definitely become more complicated. We will do our best to resolve the situation as quickly as possible and will keep the public informed,” the Prague 20 district said on its website.

The bridges in question date to the 1980s.

Attention was drawn to the state of bridges in Prague in December 2017 when a pedestrian bridge leading from Císařský ostrov to Troja collapsed, injuring four people.
A TSK survey after that found that one-fifth of the 700 bridges in Prague were found to be in poor, very poor or emergency condition.

Major bridges in the city that either needs extensive repairs or replacement include Libeňský most and Hlávkův most. A major overhaul of Barrandovský most is also being planned. Most Legií is currently being evaluated.

A total of 130 bridges overseen by the TSK should be repaired or demolished.
The new City Council wants to make infrastructure a priority and plans to spend Kč 10 billion to 12 billion a year on bridges.

In addition to repairing or replacing bridges, they also want to build at least one new bridge in the next four years, most likely the planned Dvorecký most between Podolí and Smíchov.

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