Commuter train service to improve

A new schedule for Prague and Central Bohemia has more connections

A new train timetable will take effect from Dec. 9, and passengers in Prague and Central Bohemia will see several changes.

New fast trains (spěšné vlaky) from Prague to Benešov and Kutná Hora will be added and the city line from Roztoky u Prahy to Libeň will run daily until lines to Hostivař and other main and secondary routes in the Central Bohemian region are added.

Both Prague and Central Bohemia are investing in new passenger services in the new timetable. In Prague, the new train timetables have an increase of 8 percent in the number of kilometers covered over the current timetable. In the Central Bohemian Region, the increase is 4.8 percent.

“The fast trains will run in the peak hours of business days, and of course be included in the Prague Integrated Transport (PID) tariff,” says František Petrtýl, Central Bohemia’s councilor for transport, said.

“These trains will complement the express trains (rychlíky) on these lines to Benešov and Kutná Hora with connections every 30 minutes at peak times. The advantage of the fast trains is they stop at some of the important stations that express trains skip,” he added.

In the morning and afternoon, four fast trains will go between Benešov and Prague. One of them will go in the morning from Tábor, another train from Olbramovice and two connections will begin in Benešov. They will stop in Čerčany, Senohraby, Mnichovice and Říčany. In the afternoon, three of them will end in Benešov and one will go to Tábor.

New fast trains will start every weekday at peak times also from Kutná Hora via Kolín and Český Brod to Prague. In the morning, four connections will be going to Prague and four from Prague to Kutná Hora in the afternoon at hourly intervals.

A major innovation is the extension of the urban line to Hostivař. Today it runs from Roztoky u Prahy via Podbaba and Holešovice to Libeň, where he ends. “The vast majority of public transport links will continue from Libeň to the Prague-Hostivař station, where people will be able to switch to passenger trains to Říčany and Benešov,” Prague Deputy Mayor Adam Scheinherr (Praha sobě) said.

“At the peak of the working days the city lines from Roztoky to Hostivař will run every 30 minutes, off-peak and weekends once every hour,” he added.

The operation of the line in the Libeň–Hostivař section and the S9 lines from Prague to Benešov will probably be affected in 2019 by construction at the Prague–Vršovice station and its surroundings.

On the main lines in Prague and its surroundings, most trains run from Prague to Říčany. “During the whole day, we are shortening the interval between Prague and Říčany to 15 minutes. Currently, passenger trains run every quarter hour from Prague via Říčany to Strančice, but they are now making new connections even outside the peak so that people in Hostivař, Měcholupy, Kolovraty, Uhříněves and Říčany have a 15-minute interval throughout the day,” ROPID director Petr Tomčík said.

There is also a significant change in the connections to Čakovice. “For the S34 line, which runs from Masarykovo nádraží via Satalice and Kbely to Čakovice, new trains are being produced … by the transport company KŽC Doprava. They will have a low-rise floor and replace today's old high-floor cars,” Tomčík said. They should begin to appear after the New Year.

A number of important changes will also take place on regional lines in the Central Bohemia Region. “We will shorten intervals and improve connections to express trains from Olbramovice to Sedlčany, from Čáslav to Třemošnice and from Kutná Hora to Zbraslavice. On these lines, it is generally the case that the trains run at peak times every hour, outside of the peak it will be a two-hour interval,” Martin Jareš, deputy director for transport of the Integrated Transport of the Central Bohemia Region, said.

"New trains will go from Mníšek pod Brdy to Prague from Čerčany to Týnec nad Sázavou and Davle to Prague. A new fast train will go from Prague to Mladá Boleslav in the afternoon, and a new evening train from Prague to Mělník and back will run daily.

Connections of the S7 line to Český Brod will have a double capacity from Dec. 10. They will travel from Český Brod via Prague to Beroun and will be formed by two connected CityElefant trains,” Jareš said.

There will also be changes to the night schedule, with trains running as late as 3:30 am.

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