Bob and Bobek to teach metro manners

The two cartoon rabbits are the face of a new public transit campaign

The popular Czech characters Bob and Bobek will be the face of an educational campaign aimed at getting people to behave on Prague’s public transit system. Bob and Bobek are two rabbits who live in a magician’s hat. They have been in televised cartoons since 1979.

The Prague Public Transit Company (DPP) is using the characters in a campaign of posters plus a phone app. The campaign will run for three years.

The campaign is called “Decency and Safety” (Slušnost a bezpečnost). Bob and Bobek will teach passengers about decent and safe behavior in metro trains, trams and buses.

The characters were chosen because the Czech public is already familiar with them, and is likely to read the posters as a result. They will be more effective that newly invented characters.

The focus on improving passenger behavior in public transit is based on public demand. Many people have complained about the lack of courtesy and mutual consideration when traveling. The DPP wants to use a playful method to convince both children and adults of the need to adhere to basic rules of good behavior.

Bob and Bobek will be part of funny images to remind travelers to follow good behavior. The posters, with text in Czech, remind people to keep dogs muzzled and on a leash, to not stand in the doors, to give seats to the elderly, to not make noise, to not wear large backpacks, and to not make a mess or foul odors.

The posters will start to appear in the transit system Dec. 9.

The campaign’s free phone application has a jumping game where people avoid obstacles and also explains how to behave safely in public transport. “The application is intended primarily for children and teenagers, but adults will also be entertained,” the DPP said.

Passengers can use their mobile application to collect QR codes from posters in public transport. For every five QR codes, the passenger gets a comic story with Bob and Bobek, and with 50 QR codes, the user wins a prize.

The Android application is downloadable now, and the app will be available for the iOS platform in the coming days.

The characters were invented by the late Vladimír Jiránek, who also was involved in the popular Pat and Mat series. The characters are used under license from Czech Television.

You can download the Android app here:

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