Progress on Prague Ring Road

The Transport Ministry will start buying land for a 12-kilometer section

There is some progress in the long-delayed Prague Ring Road (Pražský okruh), the outer circuit of two planned roads to relieve traffic in the city.

Transport Minister Dan Ťok (ANO) has promised Prague officials that the state will try to speed up its preparations by starting to buy land for the segment between the D1 and D11 motorways.

The planned section is about 12.6 kilometers long.

“We have agreed with Prague representatives to start buying land for the 511 section of the Prague Ring Road. If we now buy the land and show that we are serious about building the road, it could simplify the process of the land-use decision that we need to start construction,” Ťok announced on Twitter.

The state has to buy the larger part of the land for protection zones for future roads, Ťok said. The city should buy land away from the planned highway where green strips will be created. These would keep noise within the legal limits.

Prague Deputy Mayor Adam Scheinherr (Praha sobě), responsible for transport, confirmed the details on Facebook.

“We managed to agree [with Minister Ťok] on the priority of the construction of the key 511 section of the Prague Ring Road, and the connection of the D1 and D11 motorways is so much closer,” he said, adding that supplemental memorandum would be created to outline the ownership of the land under and around the highway.

“We also agreed with the minister that the Road and Motorway Directorate (ŘSD) would start buying land before the land use decision was issued,” he added.

“Prague is waiting to buy some 150 parcels of land. Last week, I met with all the mayors of the affected city districts and asked them to help us, for example, with agreements with individual owners, even within their neighborhood. I appreciate the fact that the mayors have met us and they are meeting with the landowners themselves,” he said.

Section 511 between Bechovice and D1 will take several years to build once the permits are acquired. The section will include two new bridges, two tunnels and one ecoduct, Scheinherr said.

The Prague Ring Road, also called the outer ring road, is now designated as roadway D0. There is also an inner ring road, called Městský okruh, or Municipal Ring. Both have been under construction for decades and are far from complete.

The first sections of the D0 motorway opened in 1984, and at that time the road was designated as R1. In the time since, only 39 of the planned 83 kilometers have been completed, and are in two disconnected sections. The Vestec section was among the last to be completed, opening in September 2010.

The most recent estimate is that the entire road will be finished in 2029.

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