Prague testing a hybrid bus

The bus will run on batteries and diesel, and won’t require new infrastructure

A hybrid battery-powered and diesel bus is being tested by the Prague Public Transit Company (DPP). The Volvo 7900 LAH measures over 18 meters long and is articulated. It has been loaned by the manufacturer and will be tested over the next four months. The bus can handle a total of 139 people, with 47 seated and 92 standing.

The city wants to in the long run to reduce reliance on fossil fuels and has been testing and introducing a variety of alternatives including electric buses, trolleybuses and hybrids.

The DPP wants to test the Volvo hybrid bus to see its fuel economy, emissions and noise.

Levels of efficiency on different routes will also be tested.

“The hybrid bus in this configuration does not need charging infrastructure and therefore can be a logical link between classic buses with diesel engines and electric buses or battery trolleybuses, which are nowadays referred to as the bus transport of the future,” Jan Lebeda, DPP’s head of vehicle and bus management, said.

The hybrid works on the principle of recovery of braking energy. Up to 30 percent fuel savings can be achieved compared to the classic diesel-fueled bus.

In the drive chain, an electric motor is operated behind either a diesel engine or a generator. The energy that returns to circulation is stored in traction batteries on the roof of the vehicle and is used especially when starting or accelerating.

The bus is tested from Feb. 6 until the end of May.

Volvo introduced the 7900 line of buses in 2011. They are already used in Norway, the UK, Hungary, Estonia, Lithuania, Belgium and Germany.

The bus will be dispatched from the depot in Hostivař. A list of routes and daily schedule can be found here:

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