Tramway and metro in Prague

Prague's public transport system is reliable, well developed, and adds a distinctive charm to the city

Prague has always been a pioneer in public transportation. Today the public transport system is reliable, well developed, and adds a distinctive charm to the city.

Public transportation has been a part of the city for over 140 years. The first tram made an appearance in Prague in 1875 as a horse-drawn rail carriage. The tram evolved to steam and gas powered until the electric tramway was constructed in 1898. The tram system was the one of the most developed in the early 20 th centuries in Europe.

In the 1950s, the city had significant traffic problems, and the tram system quickly extended the lines and increased the amount of trams. Today the Prague tramway consists of 141km of track, 26 lines during the day, and 9 nightlines.

The metro of Prague connects the city through three lines of underground transport. The idea of a metro in Prague was initiated 1898, and by 1918 the construction of a subway was agreed upon. In the 1930’s the city accepted bids for the construction and design. Most bids mirrored the Berlin subway, which had an underground and aerial section. None of bids were selected, and WWII further delayed construction.

Finally, in 1967 the city of Prague decided the construction of a subway system should not be postponed any longer, and ultimately decided on an underground-only design.

Czechoslovakia signed a treaty with the Soviet Union for construction, and in 1974 the first line of the metro (C-line) opened with 6.6 km of rails. Today that line is has 22.4 km. In 1978 the second line (A-line) opened, and by 1985 the final and longest line (B-line) was opened.

To read more on the history of the tramway and metro system in Prague, you can find the full article here.

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