Get out of town: Marianske Lazně

A nice change of pace

Just a few hours from Prague lies a very pleasant little town called Mariánské Láznì. This town, known in German as MarienBad, was officially created in 1865, although people had been living in this area for hundreds of years. Mariánské Láznì's greatest claim to fame is its healing spring waters. The waters are said to cure many ailments ranging from chronic bronchitis to obesity.

Today Mariánské Láznì is a bustling border town where German is more often heard than Czech. It makes a great weekend getaway town with good restaurants and affordable places to stay. If you are looking for somewhere outside the ever expanding Prague, then Mariánské Láznì is the place for you.


Travel by car is by far the fastest and most comfortable way to get to Mariánské Láznì. Just take the E-56 due East to Plzen and then highway 21 North to Mariánské Láznì. The total driving time is about 2hrs depending on the weather.

If traveling by car is not an option, then you can take a bus (approx. 3hrs) or opt for the more comfortable train (approx. 3hrs).

Lodging ranges from high-end grand hotels to seedy old communist-style options on the main drag. If you have a car or don't mind a walk to the center, great deals can be found at local Pensions on the outskirts of the city.

One such example is the Villa Alwe located about 20 minutes walk south of the city center. The people are extremely friendly and the rates are quite reasonable (300 Kè per person per night including breakfast).

Ville Alwe
Kubelíkova 781
Mariánské Láznì
Tel: +420 354 620 140
Email: [email protected]

Options range from cheap eats to fine, aristocratic dining. Below are two options that are a happy medium that offer up good food at very reasonable prices.

Restaurace Franz Josef
Hlavní tøída 161
Mariánské Láznì
Tel: +420 354 625 746

A perfect lunch spot with entrés hovering around the 100 Kè mark. Good steaks and great garlic soup. There isn't much for vegetarians here as this is pretty much typical higher end Czech pub food.

Dusíkova 592
Mariánské Láznì
Tel: +420 354 625 169

This ski lodge styled restaurant/hotel offers up fantastic Game dishes at extremely reasonable prices. The stag steaks are delicious and the succulent boar in balck currents is a must. A fireplace warms the room and long wooden tables make this place perfect for large groups.

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