Beer & Biking in Třebíč

Pivovar Třebíč first started brewing in 2012

Located in the rolling hills of the Bohemian-Moravian Highlands, the town of Třebíč has what every person wants most to enjoy in the summer- good beer, abundant nature full of trekking and cycle paths, and historic charm.

Our first interest in the town of Třebíč was to check out Pivovar Třebíč, a brewery that we first discovered at a local beer shop. Upon our arrival in this picturesque little town, we realized how much more the region had to offer than just good beer.

In 2012, Pivovar Třebíč first started brewing and today you can sample a pint from Třebíč in almost any of Prague’s best multi-tap pubs. Brewing a variety of beers, most of the beers from Pivovar Třebíč you’ll have a chance to try in Prague are their lagers or a few of their ales. We find their 11° and 12° light lagers to be their best. Both the Single Malt Ale ‘Cornel’ and their 14° IPA ‘Cornel’, even though a bit lighter bodied than most, are enjoyable and refreshing ales. If you visit the brewery pub, no doubt you’ll get to try a few that don’t make it to Prague.

As part of Centrum Lihovar, Pivovar Třebíč includes a great restaurant complete with a beer garden, an events center, and a very classy Jaguar Museum. During the summers, the beer garden fills up with cyclers passing by for a refreshing pint. The menu serves delicious Czech classic dishes for a good price.

The area surrounding Třebíč is full of beautiful cycle and hiking trails, with charming stops along the way. A popular tip for cyclist, Rozhledna na Pekelném Kopci is a newly constructed look-out tour, 5.5 km. from the historic center. For more details on cycling and hiking trails, Třebíč’s website has great tips.

A popular town for nature tourism, Třebíč has plenty of hotels, and most are midrange, offering a clean but simple room and breakfast. It’s a good idea to stay in the center, so you can easily see the historic sites, and keep Pivovar Třebíč within walking distance. On our visit, we chose Hotel Solaster, which we found to be just fine; simple, clean, and affordable. They have parking and breakfast is included.

The historic Jewish quarter of Třebíč was declared a UNESCO World Heritage site in 2003. The Jewish museum, a historic and beautifu l Jewish cemetery, and St. Procopius’s Basilica are all worth checking out.

Located about 160 kilometers from Prague, Třebíč is not the most easy of towns to visit. By car, it’s only 2 hours away, but be sure to check the state of the D1 before you go. Direct buses leave from Florenc everyday, and Třebíč can also be reached by train from Jihlava or Brno.

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