The basic recipe for a satisfied guest has not changed since the times of ancient travelers like Herodotus

Interview with Ivanka Aljec, General Manager of Falkensteiner Hotel Grand MedSpa Marienbad

Marienbad is a place where guests from around the world recharge their batteries. Located in the heart of the city, Falkensteiner Hotel Grand MedSpa offers modern spa and wellness amenities. Along with the Alexandra Spring it forms a true fountain of youth for the body and soul.

Dear Mrs. Aljec, Czech Republic is well known for treatment processes. There are many places where one can relax and find the perfect treatment. What is special about Mariánské Lázně?
Marianske Lazne offers guests a perfect mixture of traditional old-time charm and modern spa expertise. The surroundings of Marianske Lazne enable our guests to spend quality time outside the hotel in both winter and in summer. There are many possibilities for cross-country skiing and alpine skiing in winter, for cycling in summer, as well as for relaxing and hitchhiking throughout the year. And last but not least, in Marianske Lazne we have the oldest golf course in Czech Republic, a real “place to be” for any passionate golfer that cares about his image.

Falkensteiner Hotel in Mariánské Lázně combines Art Nouveau and modern spa amenities. What does that mean, exactly?
We care a lot about details. Our main “Pelnar” building was built in the 19th century by the Petzold family. When the hotel was reopened 10 years ago, three additional buildings were built. The architect took great care to be faithful to the style of the original art nouveau architecture, not just with the construction features, but also in the interior design. Our rooms, as well as our common areas such as the bar and restaurant, are stylish and cozy with a hint of nostalgia. On the other hand we try to follow the most modern trends in health tourism and the spa industry. We went far beyond classical health and bath treatments. We provide modern programs like metabolic balance, weight control, and gas injections.

That sounds very sophisticated. What kind of medical wellness and health treatments can we find in Falkensteiner Hotel Grand MedSpa Marienbad?
At the moment we have 5 different packages. Two of them are classical spa packages: The Classical Package and The Alexandra Bath Cure. As mentioned, we now also have our metabolic balance program as well as two new prophylactic packages. Every package is partially tailor-made to best suit the guest’s health and needs. There are many different treatments including massages, mineral baths and body wrapping, inhalations, gas baths, paraffin packages, magnet and ultrasound therapies, as well as several physiotherapeutic procedures. For every guest our doctors usually prescribe spring water for drinking.

Every mineral spring is unique and tastes different. What is the “secret“ of Alexandria?
Our own Alexandria Spring forms the core of our comprehensive healthcare in the form of drinking cures and bathing treatments. Due to the very high proportion of free carbon dioxide, the spring water is particularly suitable for therapeutic baths. It also has high iron content for what makes quite a unique taste.

And what about beauty and wellness packages?
Here we also do our best to stay in touch with modern trends. Our guests enjoy the unlimited use of one of the biggest pool complexes in Marianske Lazne, as well as the only outdoor pool. We offer beauty treatments such as pedicures, peelings, body wraps and relaxing massages. In 2016 we will have two new beauty packages for our guests. We also work constantly on improving our wellness facilities in order to provide a real feeling of “well-being” for our guests.

What can we do after a treatment? Are there any leisure activities in Falkensteiner?
There are many leisure activities in Marianske Lazne. Special events like the Chopin Festival and Jazz Festival attract many visitors. In the hotel the guests can use our cardio fitness room, or take part in organized Nordic walking tours. In the evenings we offer musical and dance programs. Of course, on special occasions like Easter, Christmas or New Years Eve we prepare a rich program with additional activities for our guests, such as dance courses, or even a fortuneteller. We try to give our guests a new surprise every year.

Customers always search for special offers and packages. What would you recommend?
It depends on what they are looking for. This summer we have a new program for guests that want to spend an active vacation in Marianske Lazne, which includes cycling tours. We have a very interesting package “Relax A La Carte”, where the guests can create their own wellness program. Another new package this year is golf inclusive, with an unlimited number of green fees on the three nicest golf courses around Marianske Lazne. Our reservation department always does their best to find a suitable package for our clients. We also recommend checking our website in order to find information about our most recent offers.

Have clients’ requests changed over the years?
Yes, they have. Our main market is Germany, where nowadays the older generation is much more confident, and much more active. They are more in search of wellness and less interested in classical medical procedures. They are also much more diverse in their needs.

How difficult is it in the 21st century to make guests “feel at home“?
I do not think that this has become more or less difficult than it used to be. I strongly believe that travel was, is, and will always be an experience. A friendly smile, good cuisine, a comfortable environment, attention to needs - this is what makes the guest “feel at home”. Of course, today with faster communications, potential guests can easily find out about others’ good or bad experiences, but the basic recipe for a satisfied guest has not changed since the times of ancient travelers like Herodotus.

Your main market is Germany. What about Czech guests?
Czechs are statistically in 3rd or 4th place with Austrians. We are trying to get more Czech guests into our hotel, because we strongly believe that there is potential for them to relax and enjoy our amenities.

Would you recommend the hotel for younger people?
Of course. It depends very much on what the guest is looking for. Marianske Lazne generally is not a party place, and we are not a party hotel. But we are the perfect choice for someone who is looking for peace, relaxation and sport. For those who just need to switch off for a while – regardless of age.

What do you like about Mariánské Lázně most?
The charm and tranquility. Marianske Lazne is a unique example of a classical spa town from the late 19th or early 20th century. You just feel like you’ve stepped into a time machine. You are in the middle of a town, and surrounded by green nature at the same time. It is a great place to be…

Falkensteiner Hotel Grand MedSpa Marienbad

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