7 Unique Czech Hotels

Sometimes, a standard bed-and-breakfast just doesn’t cut it.

Everyone has a checklist when it comes to booking a hotel and not everyone wants an eastern-facing room on a floor not below seven. Try something new on your next Czech holiday and cross these unique experiences off your bucket list.

One Room Hotel: This unique hotel offers more than just a view of Prague from 70 meters above the ground. Decorated with designer furniture and equipped with modern technology, this exclusive hotel guarantees complete privacy as there is only one single room! Enjoy the luxurious room with its many perks – including a bathroom mirror integrating over 100 channels allowing you to watch TV while you soak in the unique glass-walled bathroom.


Hotel Ještěd: Offering unique retro-themed rooms, Ještěd offers an experience of a lifetime during your trip to Liberec. The rooms have a beautiful view of the surrounding forest from above the clouds. The interior offers original designs and endless comfort and the exterior is also part of the excitement. The hotel is set at the bottom of a 94 meter tower that used to transmit TV signals. Booking a room comes with the perk of cable car vouchers that will take you from Ještěd to Horní Hanychov while you enjoy 4 minutes of beautiful views at great heights. CNN recently picked Hotel Ještěd as one of ‘12 unusual hotels you won’t believe actually exist’.


Tree House Hotel: Every child dreams of having a tree house in their backyard: but does the magic of climbing up into wooden structure with a gorgeous view ever fade? The Green Valley Resort in Chotýšany offers accommodation in cozy and eco-friendly treehouses 9 meters off the ground. The rooms are built in symbiosis with the nature surrounding them and have beautiful winding staircase leading up to the house.


Brewery Hotel: Czech beer is so delicious that it’s hard to get enough and the good news is that you can significantly shorten your journey between your bed and the keg. Located in Dalešice, a small town just West of Brno, you will find this hotel right inside the Dalešické brewery. You can book a room individually or purchase the whole package that offers a brewery tour including beer tasting straight from the keg, beer glasses as souvenirs, a shot of special beer liquor and 10 liters of beer!


Medieval Hotel: Most hotels boast modern furniture and the latest technology, but this hotel does the exact opposite. A medieval tavern, chateau, brewery and wine cellar are all part of the hotel with foundations built at the beginning of the 14th century. Naturally there is a scandalous legend about a cheating king that may explain the scary noises you might hear at night. The space is authentically decorated and offers exciting medieval performances. Special packages also offer tours to a baroque castle or Dětenice hell.


Monastery Hotel: Experience the mysteries of an 800-year-old monastery in much greater comfort than the monks that originally resided its halls. The monastery complex offers a historic landscaped park with a fishpond. Guests are encouraged to try their luck at catching a fish; if they succeed the fish will be roasted for them in the restaurant. Other perks to the original hotel include golf, in-line skating, biking, swimming and horseback riding all available in the surrounding areas.


Boat Hotel (Green Yacht Hotel): You don’t need to board the Titanic to feel the soft waves rocking you to sleep at night. Enjoy three decks offering three styles of uniquely furnished rooms. The experience is enhanced by the romantic view, sun terrace and delicious cuisine. Wake up to the cooing seagulls in one of the 33 cabin-style rooms at the Green Yacht hotel and sleep tight on the anchored boat with the reassurance that you are safe from lurking icebergs.


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