Trams may start heading out of Prague

Several proposals would see three new tram lines going beyond the city limits

Some towns just outside of Prague may soon be just a tram ride away. Jesenice, just south of Prague in the Prague-West district was mentioned earlier this summer. Joining in now are Zdiby in Prague-East and Horoměřice in Prague-West.

The Central Bohemia Region, which encompasses all of the area around the city (but not Prague, which is its own region) is cooperating with Prague Integrated Transit (PID). Links to the suburban villages are now mostly by bus.

Central Bohemian Governor Miloš Petera (ČSSD) two weeks ago asked the Ministry of Transportation about funding for a tram linking Jesenice to the Prague neighborhood of Písnice. A line going from the city to the south is estimated to cost some Kč 2 bllion.

On Aug. 9, representatives of Prague, the Central Bohemia Region and the Integrated Transport System (IDS) met to discuss, among other things, tram routes leading out of the city.

“In the future, a tram line should lead to the city's west at the airport into Horoměřice and from the north into Zdiby. We will cooperate with Prague on the projects for new tram routes,” Governor Petera said.

Prague Deputy Mayor Petr Dolínek (ČSSD), responsible for transportation, has previously supported the concept.

At the Tuesday meeting, the creation of a single integrated transit operator for Central Bohemia was discussed. It would cooperate with the Prague integrated operator ROPID and work on creating a joint system covering Prague and Central Bohemia.

In theory, traveling throughout the both regions would be covered by one integrated timetable and passengers could use one ticket for trains, buses and trams.

Dolínek said an early priority will be to unify the ticket vending machines across the two regions, so the problem of incompatible tickets will not exist when the transport lines are unified.

The tram link to Jesenice will take at least six years to accomplish, according to previous reports. The reason for the tram link is that the bus routes are already at their capacity. The tram line to Jesenice would connect to the end of the planned Metro D line and go to the towns of Vestec, which has a large biotech center, and Dolní Břežany, which is home to a laser center. Construction of the line would be in two phases.

Dolní Břežany Mayor Věslav Michalik (STAN) said that rail transport to the town has been discussed for 20 years already. Vestec Mayor Tibor Švec (TOP 09) said that transportation infrastructure had been discussed before the biotech center was built, but no action was taken.

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