Paid parking zones expanding

People in Prague 5 and 6 need to register their vehicles to get a parking permit

Drivers in parts of Prague 5 and 6 will no longer be able to park without a permit or temporary parking ticket. As of Aug. 24, drivers who live in those districts will need to register their cars at the town hall and be entered in an electronic system and pay an annual fee for each car. Paid parking is also coming to the Jarov neighborhood and as of Oct. 1 to Prague 8.

Drivers have had several months to register their cars, and Prague 6 has opened a new office in Dr. Zikmunda Wintra street for the purpose. Residents and people who operate businesses in the district can register for a spot. Police will be checking license plates against the database and issuing fines to unregistered or unauthorized vehicles parked in the districts.

Areas in Prague 6 included in paid parking include Bubeneč, Hradcany, Dejvice, Vokovice, Veleslavín, Břevnov and Střešovice.

For Prague 5, mostly the area near the center including Smíchov will be covered. The housing estate around Barrandov, for example, is not included. At the same time, the Prague 5 district will be introducing a speed limit of 30 kilometers per hour on some streets to improve safety.

Parking in blue zones in Prague 5 will be allowed for up to three hours, and people can pay for parking via mobile phone.

People coming into the city with a car are encouraged to use Park and Ride lots, or find parking in districts outside the center and then use public transportation. Both Prague 5 and 6 are interested in constructing new Park and Ride lots, but so for no concrete steps have been made.

All of Prague 3 except for the Jarov neighborhood at the district's edge already has paid parking. That will change when Jarov also joins in on the parking program. Prague 8 will join in October. Originally, Prague 4 and 9 were also supposed to join this year, but no steps have been taken and it is not now clear when those districts will get paid parking.

Paid parking in Prague began in 1996 with part of the Prague 1 district. Since then, the rest of Prague 1 has entered the system as well as Prague 2, 7 and most of Prague 3. Last year, drivers paid some Kč 330 million in parking fines.

The websites of Prague 5 and 6 have more information on the parking situation. They can be found at (CZ) and (CZ).

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