Prague bus routes changing in October

New lines and route changes are meant to improve travel near new developments

There will be changes to Prague bus lines from Oct. 15. The changes will mainly affect the city's southeast and northeast. These changes are in addition to the ones affecting Prague's tram system, which take effect Aug. 28.

The changes will not cost any additional money and are intended to improve travel for people who live and work in the area, according to Prague Deputy Mayor Petr Dolínek (ČSSD). Annual bus operation costs some Kč 3 billion.

Some 23 bus lines are affected by the changes. Many are due to new projects by real estate developers, which require new connections. Some 33 parts of the city are affected, and the city has agreed with the changes proposed by transit operators. Affected neighborhoods include Ďáblice, Kobylisy, Bohnice, Čimice, Letňany, Čakovice, Miškovice, Kbely, Satalice, Strašnice, Záběhlice, Horní Měcholupy, and Petrovice.

The change will mean more direct routes, with less need to change buses for many people. Capacity problems will also be resolved in some areas.

Some routes with changes are lines 101, which goes to Skalka;196, which goes to Kloboučnická; and 193, which will end at Šeberák.

Some lines like 114 will have reduced service, while the waiting times on other lines like 133 will be shortened. Line 200 will also see increased service.

Eight new lines will be created. Line 117 will use a midibus to go through Modřany and Krč to Poliklinika Budějovická. Another new line is 134, which will go from Zelený pruh through Pankrác, Kavčí Hory and Pražského povstání to the Podoli waterworks. Line 182 will go from Opatov to Nádraží Hostivař, and on to Poliklinika Prosek.

Four lines will be canceled because they will be duplicated by other service. The canceled lines are 159. 186, 205 and 293. Six lines ave been had their numbers changed for consistency in the sequencing.

Prague previously announced tram changes to nine routes, with three new lines added. 12 will be unchanged.

More information on the changes can be found at the ROPID website at (CZ)

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