Trams may go to Strahov Stadium

Prague 6 hopes to eliminate bus service and replace it with more ecological alternatives

The city is studying the feasibility of a new tram track in Prague 6 from Malovanka to Strahov Stadium. The area around the stadium has dormitories that are used by students throughout the school year. The sports complex also attracts various athletes during the week for training. Plans to extend the line further to Smíchov are not currently being considered.

Currently, the hilltop is served by buses, but these have long been inadequate and become crowded at peak hours. Some people take the funicular in Petřín as an alternative to reach Malá Strana, but its capacity is also limited.

The situation could change with the possible extension of tram tracks from Malovanka along Vaníčkova street uphill to the stadium. The Prague Public Transit Company (DPP) is discussing a tram line from Podbaba to Strahov and preparing the documentation for the project, according to Prague Deputy Mayor Petr Dolínek (ČSSD). The plan is in early stages, and it is too early to state possible start or completion dates. After a feasibility study, the possible extension would need to be put into the current city development plan and also undergo zoning approval.

DPP spokeswoman Aneta Řehková said the advantage of the new line would be a direct light rail connection between the Strahov dorms and the university campus around Vítězného náměstí.

Prague 6 spokeswoman Libuše Stoklásková told the media that the district supports the plan as it would help to eliminate buses in Prague 6, which is a district goal. Trams are more environmentally friendly than buses.

Another pending plan would extend tram service from Podbaba to Suchdol, where there is an agricultural university. This would also replace bus service. Several variants for the tram service have been developed but a final one has not yet been chosen due to the complexity of the routes, according to DPP's Řehková.

Other possible tram routes being considered include two kilometers of tracks connecting Modřany and Libuš. This would be in conjunction with the Metro D line to the south of the city.

Prague is also seeking European funds for extending the track between Divoká Šárka and Dedina. Construction on this project could begin in 2018, although the project has met with opposition in the past. It would be possible at a future date to extend the tram lines to Václav Havel Airport.

Further plans include extending tram service to Slivenec from Barrandov and extending some lines outside of the city to nearby suburbs like Jesenice.

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