4 Early-Winter Getaways in the Czech Republic

Discover unique cold-weather trips for two

Cooler weather tempts us to curl up under a puffy blanket with some hot chocolate. But winter shouldn’t dampen your adventurous spirit. There are plenty of winter-exclusive articles that will warm up your heart and get you out of the house!

Mushing with a herd of cuddlable huskies

Is there anything more romantic than riding in a husky-pulled sled with someone you love? Feel the wind in your hair and a doggy heart-beat on your chest during after-ride snuggles. Enjoy this combination of relaxation and excitement for a day or even the entire weekend!

Unfortunately, there are no mushing opportunities too close to Prague, but you can make a trip of driving up to Lipová – lázně. Bordering Poland, the quaint town is the epitome of a winter wonderland with glorious views and scenic rolling hills.

For more information, visit www.huskyzazitky.cz (CZ).
Sometimes you can find great deals on mushing and husky-related activities here (CZ).

Spend the night in a real-life castle

If you’ve lived in Prague for a while, you may be jaded by all the castles scattered at every corner of the country. Sleeping in a castle is a completely different experience! Castle Zbiroh is a romantic 5-star chateau located in the Pilsner region in the Czech Republic.

The castle is surrounded by a park so you can enjoy romantic strolls through the snowy green scenery. There is also a wellness center and an indoor swimming pool, perfect for relaxation and perhaps a massage, or two! The renaissance-era castle is especially beautiful around winter time.

For more information, visit www.zbiroh.com (EN).
You can find packages with special winter prices here (CZ).

Bathing in beer is healthier than drinking it

A hot relaxing bath does wonders to cure that winter gloom and can potentially prevent a creeping cold. The Czech Republic is famous for its myriad of spas and places to soak away your worries. If you want to shake things up a bit, why not try a romantic couple’s beer spa.

You can experience the beer spa trend in Prague, but why not turn it into a romantic trip to Černá Hora? The Černá Hora Beer Spa began its beer treatments in 2011 before it became a mainstream hit. While you’re in the area you can visit the largest ski resort in the Czech Republic for some skiing or simply to enjoy the snowy mountaintops.

For more information, visit hotelsladovna.cz/en/beer-spa (EN).

Explore Jizera Mountains in all their glory

The Jizera Mountains are located around Liberec area and are home to Ještěd, one of the main attractions. Other highlights of the mountains include meadows, peat-bogs and the picturesque forests perfect for romantic hikes. There are 10 mountain peaks in the area that you can climb even during winter-time and enjoy the panoramic views from their towers.

This spot has something to offer for everyone: skiing, a 3D planetarium at the science center iQLandie, an aquapark where you can enjoy zorbing and various wellness programs including salt-iodine caves! If you want to take your loved one somewhere special, consider Jítrava Apartment Hotel where you can experience a Scandinavian tub!

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