New train stations planned for Prague

Connections between public transportation and rail should increase

The city will get new train stations within four years at Rajská zahrada, Eden and Zahradní Město, which will also connect with public transportation. The stations will get modernized tracks among other things.

The long-term plan is to improve the connection of trains and public transportation. Currently, many stations are outdated and have insufficient capacity. Too few have direct connections to public transportation.

Within the coming decade, travel from the peripheral areas of the city and Central Bohemia should be faster and more convenient. This coincides with city plans to reduce reliance on cars in the city and improve public transportation.

A train station at Rajská zahrada at the metro stop of the same name in Prague 14 should open as a new transportation hub in 2020. It is is part of the project to renovate the tracks leading to Lysá nad Labem, a town northeast of the Prague.

A new platform with covered shelters will have two footbridges over the tracks and over Chlumecká Street. Access from the footbridges to the metro station will be by stairs and wheelchair ramps. The Railway Infrastructure Administration (SŽDC) says the project is in the planning stage and undergoing a zoning review.

Also new will be stations at Eden and Zahradní Město, both in Prague 10. The SŽDC is in the process of selecting a contractor. These stations are also expected to open in 2020.

The Zahradní Město station will be at Průběžná Street and connect directly to tram and bus stops. The station at Eden will be at U Vršovického hřbitova and connect to tram lines as well as a shopping mall and sports complex.

On the other hand, a station at Strasnice will be closed, and a Kč 3.4 billion contract for renovating six kilometers of tracks between main train station Praha hlavní nádraží and Hostivař in the direction of Benešov was canceled in August unexpectedly.

Preparations are also continuing for a rail link to Kladno via Václav Havel Airport Prague. The SŽDC held a competition and signed a contract with Metroprojekt for a stretch from the metro stop at Veleslavín to the airport. Stops on the route are planned at Liboc, Dlouhá míle and the airport. Planning permission is still needed before further steps can be taken. Plans to extent the line further to Masarykovo nádraží have stalled, however.

There are also long-term concepts for stations at U Kříže in Libeň and at the Depo Hostivař metro stop. A new stop at Vítkov, which has been proposed as part of a general upgrading of the park, does not seem likely, however. Technical planning and preparation has not taken place in any of these three cases.

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