Holiday transportation schedules start Dec. 24

For most of the holiday week transportation will be limited

Special holiday timetables for public transportation will take effect Dec. 24 and last until Jan. 2. This year, Dec. 24 and 25 and well as Dec. 31 fall on weekend days anyway, depriving people of extra time off. Some schedules will be close to weekend ones anyway.

Transportation will be good in the city center, but more limited in the suburbs and it is important to check in advance to be sure you aren't stranded. Also, connections will not be guaranteed and you may have long waits while changing from one line to another.

Night tram schedules will take effect Saturday, Dec. 24, at 6 pm and last to 7 am the next day. Metro trains will run at 20 minute intervals and stop shortly after midnight as usual. The Petřín funicular will stop operation at 6 pm. In addition, the funicular is now closed until Dec. 23 for repairs to the guide wheels.

Normal bus service on Dec. 24 will stop at 6 pm. Lines 180, 191 and 263 will operate on special schedules. Night buses will operate from 6 pm to 12:30 am at 20 minute of one hour intervals, and then Sunday schedules will take effect until 7 am. Suburban commuter trains will have limited service between 6 pm and 10 pm. Suburban buses will have special schedules.

On Sunday, Dec. 25, trams, buses, ferries and the Petřín funicular will operate according to Sunday timetables, with tram and bus service starting at 7 am. Buses 180, 191 and 263 will operated according to a special timetable. Suburban buses will operate with some restrictions. Suburban commuter trains will follow the standard holiday schedule.

For Monday, Dec. 26, which is a state holiday, buses and trams will follow Sunday timetables. Commuter trains will follow holiday schedules.

Then from Tuesday, Dec. 27 to Friday, Dec. 30, public transportation will follow the working day –holiday (pracovní den – prázdniny) schedule. Trams number 4 and 21 will operate, and line 16 will operation only in the Lehovec – Kotlářka section. Buses will not make school connections. Suburban trains will run on a weekday schedule.

On Saturday, Dec. 31, the metro will run at 10 minute intervals until 2:30 am at night, and is intended as the main form of transportation for people wanting to go downtown. The last metro trains will leave the terminals between 1:45 and 1:55 am on Jan. 1.

Regular tram service will end at 10 pm, Night service will begin at 10 pm and run every 15 minutes until 4 am, when it will run every 20 minutes to 7 am.

Regular bus service will end at 10 pm. There are special schedules after that for some day and night bus lines. The Petřín funicular will cease operation at 10 pm.

Commuter trains will follow Saturday schedules until 8 pm and then be on limited service.

For Sunday, Jan. 1, 2017, the metro, trams, buses, ferries and the Petřín funicular will follow Sunday timetables. Bus and tram schedules will start at 7 am. Bus lines 180, 191 and 263 will have special timetables.

Suburban bus lines will follow the Sunday schedule. Commuter trains will follow holiday schedules.

Monday, Jan. 2 is not a legal holiday but many people are expected to take the day off anyway. Public transportation will follow the same working day –holiday (pracovní den – prázdniny) schedule as it did for most of the previous week.

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