Metro could go to Jesenice

A new proposal would extend metro service south of the city

The still unbuilt Metro D line could be extended all the way to the village of Jesenice, just south of Prague in the Prague west district, under a proposal by Central Bohemian Governor Jaroslava Pokorná Jermanová (ANO). The metro line would run above ground at that point. Jermanová claims that extending the metro would be easier than extending a tram line to the village, which has previously been proposed.

Central Bohemia and Prague will create a working group to assess which method is better and how it will be funded. Jermanová said the idea came up when she met with Prague transportation officials, but so far it is in its early stages. She does not have a concrete outline of costs and benefits of the idea. The working group will work out those details.

The proposed Metro D line should start in the city center, connecting with the Metro C line, and extend into the south of the city. The line should go through Krč, Nemocnice Krč, Nové Dvory to a currently planned final stop at Pisnice. From Pisnice, it could be extended out of the city under the new proposal. It would be the only metro line to actually leave the city. Jermanová points out that other cities like Munich have metro lines that work both above and below ground.

It would also be important to examine whether a parking lot can be built in Jesenice. This would allow people south of the city to commute to Prague via metro rather than driving into the center. Jesenice is on ring road that runs south of the city.

Traveling to Jesenice there from Prague is difficult by public transportation. A solution has been sought for some time and last year an extension of a tram line was approved. Extending the tram would take six years.

There is no time frame for extending the metro, as the D line has been caught up in numerous delays. The land for several stops has not yet been purchased, and people are complaining that the designs for the stops are already outdated and the process should be started over from scratch.

Construction on Metro D may start in 2018 and finish in 2022, skipping the planned stops where there are problems with acquiring the land.

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