Historic trams to run on 23 line

The famous T3 model from the 1960s will go to Prague Castle

For people looking for a bit of nostalgia, tram line 23 will exclusively run older tram cars. These won't be as old as the historical line 91, which has pre-war trams on an erratic schedule and costs extra. The 23 line will run the popular red and beige T3 models with the high steps, which are becoming rarer in service due to more modern replacements.

Filip Drápal, spokesman for mass transit coordinator Ropid, said the 23 line should run with T3 cars or their derivative types T3SUCS and T3MDVC. “It may happen that the operation will use other vehicles from the transit museum,” he added.

The Tatra T3 was produced between 1960 and 1976, and was sold mostly in Central and Eastern Europe and the Soviet Union. T3 variants were made until 1989 and again briefly from 1998 to '99.

The T3 has the best track record of any model ever used in Prague, with 98.9 percent reliability. Over 1,000 were made for use in Czechoslovakia. The T3 was an improvement over the T2, which was made from 1955 to 1962 and had leatherette seats.

The T3SUCS was made from trams imported back from the Soviet Union (SU) to Czechoslovakia (CS) and upgraded.

The 23 line will operate starting in March and run on a route that should be popular with tourists: Zvonařka – I.P.Pavlova – Karlovo náměstí – Národní třída – Staroměstská – Malostranská – Pražský hrad (Prague Castle) – Pohořelec / Hládkov – Malovanka.

The line will run initially with four or five trams running at half hour intervals. In the summer, it will run every 15 minutes. Other cities such as London have also reintroduced iconic public transportation vehicles to please tourists and people with a sense of nostalgia.

The 22 line, usually with more modern tram cars with newfangled innovations like WiFi and contactless ticket machines, will also continue to serve Národní třída, Malá Strana and Prague Castle. Some people, however, may chose to wait for the older models and this will relieve pressure on the often-crowded 22.

The 23 line first ran in 1929 and connected Prague 4 to Prague 6. It saw many route changes and then was put out of service in 1991, as the metro better served the same area. It came back in 1999 and ran along part of the same route as the 22, in the most touristy areas, but was canceled again in 2008. It has made sporadic appearances since then, notably in 2012 and 2014.

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