New rules apply for suburban train travel

The way prices will be calculated on some lines has changed

Traveling to the suburbs on commuter trains has become more expensive for people on some routes. In the past, people could use a transit pass like Lítačka (or the phased-out OpenCard) to cover the part within city limits. A new rule has changed that on four routes. The transit pass would only be valid if the train actually makes stops within the city, and not if it just bypasses the stations without stopping. People taking a fast train from the city center to nearby commuter towns like Kladno, Všetaty or Kralupy nad Vltavou will now have to buy a ticket from the last regular stop in Prague, rather than just from the station closest to the city limits.

The same situation applies in the opposite direction, and passengers will need to have a train ticket from the station they board the train to as far as the first station where the train stops in the city.

The change applies to the train routes R20 Prague – Roudnice nad Labem, R21 Prague – Všetaty, R23 Lysa nad Labem – Štětí and R24 Prague – Kladno trains. The change was agreed to by the Ministry of Transport, train operator České dráhy (ČD) and Prague Integrated Transport, and took effect Jan. 3, 2017.

For passengers using other trains, though, there will be no change. On other routes designated S and R, except for the ones already specified, the previous practice remains in force, and the PID fare rates apply regardless of whether or not the train stops at the stations in the city.

Opinion has been divided on social media, with some people glad that public transportation tickets are valid at all on fast trains, and others saying the change is an unnecessary bureaucratic maneuver that will force some people take slower trains to save money.

The difference in money to passengers in the end is not that great. One way from Prague to Kladno used to be Kč 35 and will go up a little more than 10 percent to Kč 39.

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