Prague 7 reduces speed limit

A large part of the district will see cars going slower for safety

Prague 7 Town Hall has introduced a new area with a maximum speed of 30 kilometers per hour, district Deputy Mayor Ondřej Mirovský (SZ) announced. The rule applies to drivers from Bubenská Street to the stadium at Letná. The restrictions do not apply to main roads, where the speed limit is at a maximum of 50 kilometers per hour. The districts of Prague 5 and 8 have previously introduced speed limits.

The reason behind the limit is public safety, Mirovský said. A car can brake much faster at the slower speed, and the consequences of an accident are much less severe. The chance of death for a pedestrian is just 10 percent when a car is going 30 km/h, while it rises to an 80 percent chance of fatality at 50 km/h, he claims. Signs restricting speed at intersections can also be removed, as they will no long be needed.

The streets where the speed limit will remain at 50 km/h include Dukelských Hrdinů, Veletržní and Milady Horákové.

Prague 5 last year introduced similar measures in Smíchov and Prague 8 has set limits in Karlín. Prague 5, 7 and 8 are all primarily residential areas that in the past had some industries and manufacturing. The areas have also seen development of new office centers and housing developments in recent years, which has increased the amount of cars on certain streets.

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