Metro service to see some improvements

There will be shorter waits at some times, but there is a lack of vehicles

This year will some changes to metro operation to make the lines more useful for the public. This follows on improvements to bus and tram operation last year. The changes will be in response to surveys conducted by transit operator Ropid. Service will be increased to some stations, and more will become wheelchair accessible.

People will see strengthening of evening operation and improvement of services at the end sections of line A.

As of April 1, all trains running on the A line will go to Nemocnice Motol, which is the last stop in the western end of that route. Currently some trains end their runs before the terminal station. Motol was one of four stations that opened in 2015, extending the line from Dejvice. Service beyond Dejvice, though, was intermittent.

On line B, the service during the afternoon peak will be increased. On all routes in the evening, the wait between trains will be reduce to 7.5 minutes from the current 10 minutes between 9 pm and 10:30 pm.

Ropid would also like to further increase service on peak times on the B line, but there is a lack of vehicles. Intermittent service on the C line between Ládví and Letňany would also be reduced once there were sufficient vehicles, and peak service could be increased.

Currently 44 out of 61 stations are barrier-free. This year, the stations at Opatov and Palmovka should also be converted. Plans are being made to convert the station at Karlovo náměstí, but a building permit still has to be obtained. The barrier-free entrance should be in Václavská pasáž, which Prague 2 authorities say would be most convenient for passengers.

Bus service connecting to the metro will also be increased this year to improve service to the outlying areas of the city where there has been significant construction of housing and office parks.

Increasing weekend service, though, isn't in the current budget. Ropid is looking at several options, but each would require more money from the municipal government. The changes might come in the next year if the city allocates more money.

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